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Bettors who want to learn more about the 1xBet Aviator game should keep reading our expert review. Here, we’ll explore the rules of Aviator on 1xBet, but also help the readers understand how to play the game and provide them with some tips and strategies. Our investigations allow you to make an informed decision before placing a bet on this game.

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What Is the Aviator?

The Aviator game 1xBet in Nigeria offers a unique online experience, especially for players seeking more dynamic gameplay. This game starts as the virtual airplane takes off. As the plane goes up, the multiplier of the player’s initial bet rises. Players should cash out their bet before the plane lands, or they will lose their bet.

We rate the 1xBet Aviator game 5/5 as it is very easy to play while also providing an entertaining betting experience.

1xBet Aviator

How to Play Aviator on 1xBet?

If you’re a fan of online games and reside in Nigeria, this platform offers an exciting gaming experience with the 1xBet casino Aviator game. This Aviator crash 1xBet game combines elements of chance and strategy, providing players with an opportunity to test their luck and skill.

So, follow this simple guide to navigate through the Aviator game on 1xBet.

Access the Platform

Begin by logging into your 1xBet account or sign up if you’re a new user. Ensure your account is funded to participate in the Aviator game.

Once logged in, head to the “Casino” section on the 1xBet platform. Locate the Aviator game in the main menu of 1xBet casino games.

Understanding the Game Interface

Familiarise yourself with the Aviator game interface. Once the game loads, you’ll find a graphical representation of an airplane taking off, with a multiplier rising as it ascends and the 1xBet signal that announces the next round.

Place Your Bet

Punters will need to decide on their bet amount and add it to the designated box. They can choose to place a regular bet or select the auto-play mode. The automatic gameplay also features an optional auto cash out.

Monitor the Flight

Watch as the airplane flies off, and the multiplier rises in real time. Players need to strategically decide when to cash out based on their intuition and the 1xBet Aviator signal that shows the amount of the multiplier at that moment.

End of The Round

The round ends when the plane crashes. If bettors cashed out their bets before the crash, their bets would be winning ones. In this case, their initial stake will be multiplied by the number of multipliers from the moment they cashed out.

If the plane crashes before the players cash out, the bet will be considered lost.

Rules for 1xBet Aviator

Playing the 1xBet Aviator game involves understanding a few key rules to maximise your gaming experience.

Placing Your Bet

At the beginning of each round in the Aviator game, players should place a bet in the designated field. Bettors who don’t place a bet before the beginning of the flight will have to wait for the next round.

Cashing Out Strategically

One of the game’s most important rules involves the ability to cash out at any moment during the airplane’s flight. Players must be quick to decide when to cash out. But if they miss their chance, they can lose their bet.

Multiplier Dynamics

Understanding the dynamics of the multiplier is essential in the 1xBet Aviator game. The multiplier increases as the airplane climbs higher. The higher the multiplier at the time of cashing out, the greater the potential winnings.

Our research of the game shows that waiting longer for the multiplier to grow increases the chances of the plane crashing. So, new bettors should consider this rule as well before betting.

1xBet Aviator Tips and Tricks

For those seeking to use the 1xBet promo code on the Aviator game on 1xBet in Nigeria, strategic gameplay is key to unlocking its full potential. Here are some tips and tricks that we tested for players who want to learn the 1xBet Aviator gameplay.

Placing Aviator Bet

Firstly, players should begin playing the Aviator game by placing their initial bet. While higher stakes offer increased potential payouts, they also come with greater risk. Also, it’s recommended that new players start with lower stakes until they understand the game better.

Timing Is Essential

The Aviator game is based on the RNG algorithm, which means that the outcome is completely random.

However, bettors should carefully watch how the multiplier grows during multiple rounds and when the plane will crash before they decide to place a bet. By observing the gameplay, bettors can try to understand why timing is crucial before they invest any real money.

Also, new bettors at 1xBet should try cashing out early in the game before they learn how to play.

Manage Your Bankroll

Bankroll management is very important while bettors play Aviator. So, set a budget for your Aviator gameplay and stick to it. This ensures a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Benefits of 1xBet Aviator

Punters who want to play Aviator on the 1xBet Nigeria site will find that there are several interesting features that they can explore. You can find the main benefits of playing the Aviator game on this website in the list below:

  • Various Gaming Options – From 1xBet games to live casino games and various slots, registered users can play more than Aviator on this betting site.
  • User-Friendly Interface – Players can easily access the Aviator game by using the bookie’s main menu, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.
  • Mobile App – With the 1xBet Aviator app, players can enjoy this game on the go. Also there is no need to complete the Aviator game 1xBet download if you play on the mobile website.
  • Responsive Customer Support – The customer support team at 1xBet is readily available to assist players with any questions about the 1xBet Aviator game.

Aviator Games Review

The Aviator features a unique gaming experience that has gained popularity for its dynamic nature. The game was first released in 2019 by the British studio Spribes and in a short time span, the game was available in numerous online casinos.

Over the years, developers have added some new features to the game like auto bets, bets by other players, as well as top winners.

The fact that the game became available on international betting sites like 1xBet added to its growing popularity since it became available to an even greater number of players.

1xBet Aviator vs BetKing Aviator

The 1xBet and BetKing Aviator games share the same concept. However, there are some differences that might be crucial to some players.

With 1xBet, punters don’t need to complete the Aviator 1xBet download or even sign up to be able to see the gameplay. On the other hand, with BetKing, only registered users can see the game before they decide if they want to play or not.

Another difference is that the minimum bet with 1xBet is USD 0,1 (which is approximately ₦100), and with BetKing, the minimum bet that users can place on Aviator is ₦50.

All in all, it all comes down to the individual preferences of bettors and which betting site they enjoy more.

Disclaimer: 1xBet does not have a license to operate in the US, Australia, Canada and Europe with the exception of Spain.


Punters who have further questions about the 1xBet Aviator game should keep reading the FAQ section below.

Yes, there is an Aviator on 1xBet that users can play after creating an account.

To play Aviator game 1xBet, bettors must create an account on the website. Additionally, to place a wager on the 1xBet plane game, users must have funds in their balance.

Punters can find the 1xBet Aviator in the casino section.

The Aviator game can be found in the Casino section of the 1xBet website.

Yes, there is something similar to the demo version of the 1xBet plane game Aviator. Bettors can see how the game is played once they load it. Also, this bookie provides a “How to play” guide for bettors who need to refresh their memory.