Results, group, standings and 2022 World Cup knockout phase

If you are looking for a score during this World Cup 2022, the results of a group or the standings of one of the 8 groups, the scores of the knockout phase? Here is all you need.

World Cup Standings

Group A standings and results

The host country of the tournament welcomes in this group the African champion Senegal, the Netherlands and Ecuador.

Group A upcoming Fixtures

The opening game will be the main fixture of this group.

Group A Scores and Results

Below is a summary of the scores for group A.

Group A Standings

Group B standings and results

A duel of cousins between England and the USA, but also political between the USA and Iran and fraternal between England and Wales.

Group B upcoming fixtures

November 29 should offer the most intense game of this group between England’s Three Lions and the Welsh Dragons.

Group B results

Here are all the results from Group B

Group B standings

Group C standings and results

Messi’s Argentina and Mexico for the American continent against Poland for Europe and Saudi Arabia for Asia.

Group C upcoming fixtures 

Argentina are expected to face Poland in the last game of this group C on 30th November to decide who will come out on top.

Group C results

The games in numbers with all the scores from Group C

Group C standings

Group D standings and results

Can the defending champions get over a disappointing Nations League campaign? The European teams are, however, the favourites. Australia and Tunisia may have a chance but they will need to create at least one feat.

Group D upcoming fixtures

The most awaited fixture in Group D will be between the two European countries on 26 November.

Group D results

Will there be any big scores? Will the average score of 2-1 be respected? Check out the results below.

Group D standings

World Cup 2022 Results

Group E standings and results

Group E is perhaps the most difficult group of this World Cup with Spain and Germany accompanied by Costa Rica and Japan. Some great games in prospect and maybe some surprises.

Group E upcoming fixtures

Spain – Germany will be the game to watch in this group. It will take place on 27 November 2022.

Group E results

Costa Rica can potentially get out of group E. It’s up to them to produce a good performance against the European giants.

Group E standings

Group F standings and results

Belgium and Croatia against Morocco and Canada. The two European countries are expected to dominate Group F.

Group F upcoming fixtures

As usual in this 2022 World Cup, the last group game will be decisive for qualification. In this case, the clash between Belgium and Croatia will take place on 1 December.

Group F results

Here are all the results from Group F. Will the world runner-up be up to the task?

Group F standings

Group G standings and results

Brazil are back in form and should do well against African representatives Cameroon and Europe’s Switzerland and Serbia.

Group G upcoming fixtures

Here are the six fixtures in Group G. December 2 should settle the outcome of this group.

Group G results

The results and scores of Group G. We should see some high scores with these attacking teams.

Group G standings

Group H standings and results

The last group will be an interesting one. Four teams with very different profiles will ensure the show. Portugal, Korea and Ghana will play an open game, while Uruguay will be more defensive.

Group H upcoming fixtures

Here are the fixtures in Group H. On 28 November, Portugal will take on Uruguay in a bid to secure at least a qualifying place.

Group H results

If you want to know all the results of group H, here are the 6 games.

Group H standings

2022 World Cup Knockout Phase Results

The knockout phase is on. Who will be the champion of the 2022 World Cup? The sixteen best teams face each other for the title.

Upcoming fixtures in the round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final

Results of the round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final

Scores of the last games of this event.