Double Chance Meaning in Betting

Wondering what the meaning of double chance in betting is? Check in out in our article.

What is Double Chance meaning in Betting?

There are a lot of terminologies that are peculiar to betting folks in Nigeria and Worldwide, and one of them is the double chance. Thus, what is the meaning of double chance in betting?
A double chance market is a market that hedges the bet for the straight winner market. Instead of making a concrete decision whether the home team will win or lose, you can decide to place bets in the double chance market.

The double chance market is split into 3 options.

1. The home team to win or draw the match

2. The away team to win or draw the match

3. For the home or away team to win without the chance for a draw

The double chance market hedges against the straight winner market, and we will show with a double chance bet example.

If Manchester City plays against a Championship side, say Preston North End in the EFL Cup. You may be sure that Manchester City will win the match, but there is also a slight chance of a draw. So you can decide to play the Preston North End team at a double chance – that is a win or a draw. Now the odds are better off, and the chance of the draw is higher than a straight win for the away team.

The double chance market is not available for every sport. Only sports that have the chance of ending in a draw offer the double chance market.

What Is A Double Chance Betting

Double chance 1x meaning

The double chance 1x is simply a selection for the home team to win or draw the match.

For example, in a match between Liverpool and Brentford, a 1x selection means that Liverpool will have to win or draw the match for the bet to win.

Double chance x2 meaning

The double chance x2 means choosing the away team to win or draw the match.

For instance, in a match between Valencia vs Real Madrid, an x2 bet selection means that Real Madrid will have to win or draw the match for the bet to win.

Double chance 12 meaning

If you are unsure of who will win the match but are sure that the match won’t end in a draw, then the double chance 12 is your prediction. This means that the home or away team can either win the match. The best example to illustrate this is the El Classico which almost always has a winner.

What are the pros and cons of double chance betting?

Betting in the double chance market has some advantages. The first is the security of your funds. you can be almost sure that some teams won’t lose some games so that you can play them on a double chance. If they win, you are safe, and if, for some reason, there is a draw, you are also safe.

Another advantage is that some matches have a low percentage of ending in a draw. That’s the case for El Classico. For the past 10 years, there has been less than a 20% draw on the El Clasico matches. In such cases, it is wiser to play the 12 double chance.

The disadvantage of playing the double chance is that odds are very reduced, especially for the favourites. So there isn’t much fun in that.

Pros And Cons Of Double Chance Betting

What is the meaning of double chance in bet9ja?

Double chance in Bet9ja is a popular market on the bookmaker’s site. And the double chance market is the same on bet9ja as on every other bookmaker. Yet, the odds may slightly differ on the double chance in bet9ja than other bookmakers available in Nigeria. You have to compare to ensure you are getting the best odds on the market.

How is double chance bet calculated?

A double chance bet is calculated like other betting markets. The odds of the double chance market can be very reduced. Sometimes the odds of the favourite teams becomes almost insignificant. At the same time, the underdogs still reduce but pose a chance for a sizable win. For example, if Chelsea plays West Bromwich Albion. If the odds for a straight win for Chelsea is 1.22, the chance for a 1x option is 1.03. Then if the odds for a WBA straight win is 12.00, the x2 becomes 3.90. The odds for a 12 option is then 1.08.

Does double chance include extra time?

The simple answer is no, double chance only includes the regular time of play.

Where to bet on double chance?

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