Correct Score Meaning

Correct score bets are a popular wagering type in several different sports. This guide will explain the advantages of correct score predictions and how to place them. All the best betting sites will offer these markets, so it is important that you understand the correct score meaning.

Correct Score Meaning

What is a Correct Score Bet?

To make a correct score bet, bettors must attempt to predict the score of a game. You will need to predict the final score exactly to win this bet.

An example of a correct score bet would be to bet on a football game finishing Manchester City 2 Liverpool 1. The correct score meaning is that no other result will be a winner.

How to Place a Correct Score Bet

You should have no problem finding an online sports betting site that offers these correct score markets. Just go to any game and search for the odds. Then, you will be able to decide which correct score you are betting on.

Next, all you have to do is decide on a stake and confirm the bet.

Correct Score in Football

We have already briefly mentioned how a correct score bet might look when it comes to football. It should be noted that the correct score is the score at the end of regulation time. It does not matter if a game goes into extra time or penalties. Unless specifically stated otherwise, the correct score meaning is the result at the end of 90 minutes.

Correct Score in Other Sports

Although football is probably the most prominent sport to make correct score bets on, there are a number of others where you can find this market. The correct score meaning remains the same for all of them. You can bet on the correct score in other sports, such as rugby league and ice hockey.

Multiple Correct Score

As with other bets, you can group a collection of correct score bets into a multiple wager. Depending on the rules of the multi-correct score bet, you must correctly predict the score of all the games in the bet to win.

Ht/Ft Correct Score

This bet asks you to correctly predict the score at half time and full time of a game. Both predictions must be correct to win the bet.

An example of this kind of bet would be as follows:

Manchester City 1 Liverpool 0 – halftime

Manchester City 2 Liverpool 1 – full time

2nd Half Correct Score

Regarding the correct score with this bet, you are only predicting the score in the second half of the game. Here you might bet on the second half-correct score being:

Manchester City 1 Liverpool 1

Anytime Correct Score

This anytime correct score meaning is to do with the score occurring at any time during the game. It does not have to finish like that to be a winner. But as long as your score is correct at any point, you will be receiving winning returns.

An example here would be:

Manchester City 1 Liverpool 1

17 Way Correct Score

This would be an extreme version of the multiple bet we outlined before. Bettors would be predicting the exact score of 17 different games.

Correct Score Betting Strategy

It should be noted that no betting strategy guarantees a definite win. But you can do a few things to increase your chances. Make sure that you know the game or league inside out. You should know whether there are usually a lot of goals or not – all this will inform your bet.

Also, remember to bet on the draw. Most people tend to go one way or another when it comes to correct score predictions. But draws are still relatively common. The correct score meaning refers to the score only – not any particular result.

What are the Pros and Cons of Correct Score Betting?

Normally, you will find attractive odds for a correct score bet. Even the more common final scores usually have enticing prices. So, you can expect healthy returns from a winning correct score bet.

However, those odds which may seem interesting are a con of correct score bets. They are harder than they seem to predict, and you must get the right score to win the bet.

Where Can I Bet on Correct Score?

As we said before, all the top bookmakers offer correct score meaning you should not have a problem finding a suitable market. We have gathered some of the best online sports betting sites in Nigeria for you to take a look at and wager on.