Asian Handicap Explained

At first glance, an Asian handicap bet looks slightly more complex than the 1X2 or O/U total goals markets. However, once you understand how it works, you’ll be able to enjoy its benefits.

This guide provides a detailed Asian handicap meaning and compares it with European handicap betting. We assess the pros and cons of these bets, and our team has handpicked the best betting sites in Nigeria, where you will find an array of handicap betting options.

What is Handicap Betting in Bet9ja?

Handicap betting is a way for betting companies to even the odds on a market so that the favourite starts at a disadvantage (handicap) on the scoreboard and the underdog is given an advantage (a head start).

Additionally, handicap betting provides an option to convert a traditional 3-way market, such as 1-X-2, into a 2-way market by eliminating the possibility of a draw. This is achieved by using half points (goals). Therefore, a straightforward handicap bet could look like this:

  • Manchester City (-1.5) vs Liverpool (+1.5)

As half a goal cannot be scored, the option for a draw does not exist. Effectively, if you bet on Man City, you are starting the match -1.5 behind, meaning:

  • If Liverpool wins by any score, the bet loses.
  • In case of the match being a draw, 0-0, 1-1, 2-2, etc., the bet loses.
  • If Man City win by a single goal, 1-0, 2-1, 3-2, etc., the bet loses.
  • If Man City win by two or more goals, 2-0, 3-1, 4-1, 6-2, the bet wins.

With that said, European handicap betting retains all three outcomes, as we’ll explain in this guide. At Bet9ja, there are two types of handicap markets: Asian handicap and handicap (which is a European handicap).

Handicap (European)

With Bet9ja’s handicap markets, bettors must predict the match result (3-way) while taking into consideration the handicaps that have been applied to the bet selections.

Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap

An Asian handicap, which is sometimes referred to as “line betting” or “point betting”, is a two-way bet. Again, the bet is won by your selection overcoming the handicap if it’s a minus to start with or maintaining the handicap (advantage) if the bet selection starts with a positive.

Asian Handicap

What is the Difference Between Asian Handicap and European Handicap?

In a nutshell, an Asian handicap is a 2-way market, whereas a European handicap is a 3-way market. Let’s examine each individually with real-life examples.

European Handicap Meaning

Here is an example of the European handicap market – simply labelled “Handicap” on Bet9ja. It will be for the English Premier League match: Everton vs Crystal Palace.

The handicap is ‘Home -2’, which applies to all three outcomes. This means that the home team (Everton) is handicapped by two goals. Think of it as the match starting with the score Everton -2 – Crystal Palace 0, or Everton 0 – Crystal Palace 2.

  • To win the Everton bet, they need to win the match by three goals or more, such as 3-0, 4-0, 4-1, or 5-2.
  • To win the draw bet, Everton must win by exactly two goals, such as 2-0, 3-1, or 4-2.
  • The Crystal Palace bet wins if Everton only win by one goal, the match ends in a draw, or Crystal Palace win the game.

Asian Handicap Meaning

Despite this being a two-way market, the meaning of Asian handicap looks more complex because quarters and three-quarters are used. However, as you’ll soon see, it’s relatively simple.

First of all, Asian handicaps with .25 and .75 are two bets, which is why some betting companies display these markets differently.

  • The two bets for Handicap Everton (-1.75) are:
    • Everton -1.50
    • Everton -2.00
  • Therefore, this could be shown as Everton -1.50 and -2.00.

Because there are two bets, it’s possible to win both of them, win one and draw one, or lose them both, like so:

  • Everton win by three or more goals. Both bets win, so you get the full payout.
  • Everton win by two goals. The -1.5 bet wins, but the -2.0 is pushed (as it’s a draw), so you get paid out on half the bet, and your stake refunded on the other half.
  • Everton win by one goal, both bets lose.
  • The match is a draw or Crystal Palace win, both bets lose.

How do you place a handicap bet?

Placing an Asian handicap bet is the same as betting on any other market in the sportsbook. Search through the markets until you find handicap/Asian handicap options to get your money in the game.

Preview the various handicaps and their respective odds, then click on the selection you want to back. Finally, insert your stake and confirm the bet.

What is a +1.5 Asian Handicap?

The +1.50 Asian handicap is a single bet that you will win or lose. There are no half winnings in the .5 markets. With the +1.5 Asian handicap, you’re backing the team that already has a 1.5 point/goal advantage. Therefore, the possible outcomes are:

  • If the team you back wins, draws or loses by only 1 point/goal, then you win the bet.
  • If the team you back loses by 2 or more points/goals, you lose the bet.

What is a +1.0 Asian Handicap?

As this market is a whole number, it has three possible outcomes: win, stake refund (push), and lose. Here’s a breakdown of the possible outcomes:

  • When the team you back wins or draws the match, you win the bet.
  • If your team loses by 1 point/goal, your stake is refunded.
  • In case your team loses by 2+ points/goals, you lose the bet.

What is a +0.25 Asian Handicap?

With this using quarter points, it is two bets. Therefore, the meaning of Asian handicap for +0.25 could be written at 0.0 and +0.5. You bet on Manchester United at +0.25; the outcomes are:

  • Man Utd win, both bets win, so you get the full payout.
  • The match ends in a draw, you get a half win because the 0.0 bet is pushed while the +0.5 bet won.
  • The other team wins, both bets lose, so there is no payout.

What is a 0.75 Asian Handicap?

The meaning of Asian handicap betting should be clearer now. As this is a three-quarter market, it’s a split bet. Half the stake goes on +0.5 and the other half on +1.0. Let’s imagine we bet on Real Madrid (+0.75) against Liverpool.

  • Real Madrid win by any score or the match is a draw, the Asian handicap wins in full.
  • If Liverpool win by 1 goal, such as 0-1 or 1-2, you half lose. Therefore, half of your stake is returned.
  • If Liverpool win by 2+ goals, the whole bet is lost.

What is a 0.5 Asian Handicap?

0.5 Asian handicap is very straightforward. It’s a single wager with only two possible outcomes; they are:

  • The team you back wins or draws; your bet wins.
  • The team you back loses; your bet loses.

What is a 0.0 Asian Handicap?

It’s worth remembering that the meaning of Asian handicap was first discovered before online betting was a big thing. Therefore, this market pre-dates a lot of the newer ones found today. The 0.0 AH is identical to Draw No Bet.

  • The team you bet on wins; your bet wins.
  • The match is a draw; the stake is refunded.
  • The team you bet on loses; your bet loses.

What is a -1.0 Asian Handicap?

This is a popular handicap bet because bettors can get a full stake refund if their team wins by a single goal but a full payout if the scoreline is more. Using the example, Inter Milan (-1.00) vs AC Milan.

  • Inter win by 2 or more goals, the bet is paid in full.
  • Inter win by 1 goal; the stake is refunded.
  • The match is a draw, the bet loses.
  • AC win, the bet loses.

What is a -1.5 Asian Handicap?

The odds are better for the -1.5 AH market than the -1.0 because the stake refund has been taken off the table. We’ll stay with Inter vs AC, but this time, Inter are -1.5.

  • Inter win by 2 or more goals, the bet is paid in full.
  • Inter win by 1 goal, the match is a draw or AC win, the bet loses.

Single Asian Handicap Betting Explained

A single Asian handicap bet is one that involves whole numbers, such as -2, -1, 0.0, +1, and +2, and half numbers like -1.5, -0.5, +0.5, and +1.5.

All handicaps with a whole number can have three possible outcomes:

  • Win
  • Full stake refund
  • Lose

If the Asian handicap bet has a half number, the number of possible outcomes is reduced to two.

  • Win
  • Lose

Split Asian Handicap Betting Explained

As the name suggests, the split AH is when your bet is split into two. Split Asian handicaps apply to all quarters (.25) and three-quarters (.75). The possible payouts for split bets are slightly more complex because it depends on whether the bet is positive or negative and whether it is .25 or .75.

  • +1.75 (+1.5 & +2.00) – Your team wins, draws, or loses by 1 goal; both bets win. However, if your team loses by 2 goals, the +1.5 split loses, and the stake is refunded on the +2.00 split. This is called “Half Lose” because you have lost half of your original stake.
  • +1.25 (+1.0 & +1.5) – Your team wins or draws means both bets win. If your team loses by 1 goal, then the stake from the +1.0 split is returned, and the +1.5 split bet is a winner. This is called a “Half Win.”
  • +0.75 (+0.5 & +1.0) – This is the same scenario as +1.75, but with a goalless. It’s a half lose if your team loses by one goal.
  • +0.25 (0.0 & +0.5) – Your team wins by any score and both splits win. Yet, if the match is a draw, the 0.0 is pushed and the +0.25 is a half win.
  • -0.25 (0.0 & -0.5) – If your team wins, you win both splits. However, a draw means half lose because the stake is lost on -0.5 and pushed on 0.0.
  • -0.75 (-0.5 & -1.0) – This is a half win if your team wins by 1 goal.
  • -1.25 (-1.0 & -1.5) – This is a half lose if your team wins by 1 goal.
  • -1.75 (-1.5 & -2.0) – Your team wins by 3+, you land both splits. But, if your team wins by 2, the -2.0 is pushed while the -1.5 split is a winner.

Alternative Asian Handicap Explained

A slight displeasure of this market is that bookmakers tend to label and display their selections differently, which can confuse new bettors. For instance, one betting site may use -1.25 and +1.25, whereas another site uses -1.00, -1.50 and 1.0, 1.5. But these are the same.

So, what is an alternative Asian handicap, which is often referred to as AAH? They are Asian handicap markets outside of the normal band. A betting company usually offers AH markets ranging from -1.75 up to +1.75; therefore, alternative Asian handicaps (AAH) would be extra additions, such as -3.75, -3.25, +3.25, and +3.75.

Alternative Asian handicaps are the same as regular AH bets but with different odds, so if you understand AH betting, you can jump into AAH without any fear.

Which Sports are Using Asian Handicap Betting?

Football, or soccer as it is known in some places, is the main sport where you will find Asian handicap betting markets. Also, some sportsbooks offer them for futsal and ice hockey. Ultimately, AH betting can be used on any low scoring sport, but the three mentioned above are the most common.

What are the Advantages of Asian Betting?

There are a few benefits to Asian betting. The primary advantage is that all handicap bets offer better odds on the favourite, although they are starting the match at a loss. Alternatively, there is potential value in the underdogs if you believe they can maintain their advantage of the positive handicap.

Another benefit is that it is not simply a win or lose bet. With certain AH markets and depending on the match result, bettors can get full stake refunds, half stake refunds, and half wins. This lowers the risk to a degree, which makes AH extremely attractive.

What are the Disadvantages of Asian Betting?

In our opinion, the main disadvantage is learning all the options and the potential payouts that you can get for different outcomes. However, research and study are a part of successful online betting, so it is worth putting in the effort.

Secondly, a potential disadvantage is that the bookmaker’s margins might not be as tight as 1X2 markets. Therefore, you always want to check the odds offered to ensure the bets hold good value.