Group C Predictions – bet on the winner

Argentina seems perfectly placed to finish top of its group, in front of two teams who should be neck and neck in the race for qualification, namely Mexico and Poland. Finally, Saudi Arabia are somewhat behind the competition, and notwithstanding a shocking turn of events, the middle eastern team likely won’t be able to get out of last place.

As such, we imagine that the matchup between Mexico and Poland, which will take place on the first day of the group stages, could allow one of these teams to take the lead on the other. What’s more, if Argentina get a bad result, first place might even be open to Mexico or Poland.

The favourites and outsiders of Group C of the 2022 World Cup

Argentina seems superior to its adversaries in the lead-up to the World Cup. Despite this, however, the Argentinians will have to put in the necessary effort right from the group stage. They will be facing off against two teams who are difficult to handle.

Mexico and Poland can, in fact, both hope to qualify for the knockout stages of this World Cup. But that will depend on some excellent performances, notably in their face-off against one another which looks like it will be very close. When it comes to Saudi Arabia, the team already seems to be out of the race.

Group C Predictions – Favourites

The two nations from the American continent seem from our point of view to be in the best position to make it to the next round:

  • Argentina: A contender for the title in Qatar. The Argentinians won’t want to waste any time getting off to the best possible start in this World Cup. If they play at their level, odds are that Argentina will finish at the top of their group.
  • Mexico: The Mexican team is used to the knockout stages, having reached this stage of the competition in the last 7 tournaments. Mexico could thus benefit from its previous World Cup experience and put it to use in this group.

Group C Predictions – Outsiders

The two other teams in this group are, in our opinion, starting with a bit of a disadvantage. This could be capitalised on by one of these nations:

  • Poland: With an in-form Robert Lewandowski, Poland are, of course, a likely contender for qualification. But they will obviously have to be solid defensively. What’s more, Poland don’t have a huge amount of experience, having last qualified for the knockouts in 1986.
  • Saudi Arabia: This team seems to us to be the least equipped. They will have to really work hard if they hope to leave Qatar with even a single point. The gap between this team and the others seems so significant.