N1bet eSports Betting 2024

Like other bookmakers, the N1bet eSports betting platform is still in its early stages, but it is developing rapidly. The growth has been massive and even in countries like Nigeria, it is picking up. If you are interested in eSports betting, the N1bet eSports section is the perfect place to start and in this article, we will examine how to bet on the bookmaker.

Bet on N1bet eSports

The first thing to note is that the N1bet eSports section goes by the name CyberSport. And you can access the N1bet eSports section by clicking on the CyberSports tab at the left of the page after logging into your account. With their global presence, the team at N1bet offers the latest and the biggest eSports leagues in the world and continues to add to that collection.

N1bet Cybersports

Betting on the N1bet eSports betting platform is similar to betting on the normal sports markets. On the bookmaker, the several eSports games being played are projected, then the bettor can click to see what leagues or tournaments are available to be played in. The bettor can now choose the markets to bet on, pick the predictions he wants to pick and stake an amount.

When it comes to staking money, new customers on N1bet can take advantage of the welcome bonus of the bookmaker. They can use the N1bet promo code to get the welcome bonus of 300% up to ₦1.000.000.

The N1bet eSports section doesn’t have the largest collection of eSports games, but here are some popular games on the platform.

Counter Strike

This is a first-person shooter game that is very popular among eSports fans and players. Unlike most other games in the eSports industry, this has several companies developing and modifying it. The most popular version is the Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO). This game has a position as one of the most important games in the eSports betting niche. There are a lot of factors bettors have to consider when betting on a team in Counter-Strike. The first is their track record in first-person shooter games, the head to head data with their opponents, and then their general strategy.


DOTA 2 is a free to play computer game that is available online. It was created in 2013 by Valve Corporation. The game is popular because of its team features. The players on DOTA 2 are divided into 2 teams with 5 players on each team. The goal of the game is to destroy the structure of the opposing team. The team that destroys the opposing team’s structure first wins. One important thing for bettors betting on this game is that it has a lot of concepts and gameplays to learn. So you must lookout for a team with a good track record and the depth of experience to bet on. Smaller teams that can also cause an upset because of the quality of players on the team can be a good option.

League of Legends

This is popularly referred to as LoL. The game was developed by Riot Games in 2009. This game is similar to DOTA 2 as they are part of a category of eSports games called Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games. So the players in League of Legends are also divided into 2 teams of 5 players on each team. The major goal in the game is to destroy the opponents β€˜Nexus’ similar to the structure in DOTA 2. But players can play in different modes which can have different challenges and game pathways.

Rocket League

This eSports game has similarities to a soccer game but involves using rockers to move the ball around the pitch. This is a fun game to play and not heavy on the strategy side. Bettors should look out for prolific players with a track record of winning as this is usually a single-player game.


This belongs to a category of eSport games called Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games. It is a very popular single-player game. It played a huge part in making the eSports industry popular as spectators wanted to watch the best players compete. Bettors should look out for players with a track record of winning strategy games as they have a greater chance at this game.

N1bet eSports Betting

Play esports on N1Bet: Terms and conditions.

There is no special requirement for placing bets on eSports on N1bet as it follows a similar process to bet on the normal sports market. Here are some of the terms and conditions for placing bets:

  • It is mandatory to be 18 years and above to register and place bets on the bookmaker
  • You can only deposit in Nigerian Naira(₦)
  • You can’t use VPN to access games not available in Nigeria.
  • Every player is entitled to one account, and any player with multiple accounts can have funds in the account seized.
  • You have to verify your details to be able to make withdrawals and keep the account details up to date.

There are a lot of other terms and conditions for playing on the N1bet site. You can visit the site to find out more about them.

Is Live esports betting available on N1Bet?

Yes, live betting is available on N1bet, but there is currently no option for in-play betting for eSport live games. We hope the bookmaker will soon make the in-play options for eSports live games available.

Welcome Bonus on N1bet

Currently, new players can enjoy a 300% bonus of up to ₦1.000.000. The offer comes with terms and conditions:

The bonus makes 300% of the deposit amount up to ₦50000 or its equivalent.


Place accumulator bets and get bonus odds. When you place bets on 3 games and more with 1.40 odds and above, you get bonus odds in addition to the odds of the games on your betslip. The bonus odds increase as the number of the events on the bet slip increases up to 1.20 bonus odds. This bonus is available for sports and live betting.

ComboBoost USA

This is similar to the ComboBoost, but the bettor just needs 3 games with 1.30 odds to unlock the ComboBoost USA and will get up to 1.25 bonus odds. Apart from these differences, it has the same conditions as the ComboBoost bonus.

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