LiveScore Bet Registration – Step-by-Step Guide

This expert guide analyses in detail the LiveScore Bet registration process.

  • Easy registration
  • Bonus amount
  • Betting Markets

Verified on 16 Jul 2024

18+. 18+. Deposit ₦100 or more, If you deposit ₦100 – ₦499 will receive 2 Free Bets tomorrow, If you deposit ₦500+ receive 10 Free Bets tomorrow. Minimum odds of 1.01. Full T&Cs apply.

We thoroughly examined and scrutinised the registration requirements, registration bonus, common sign up problems and their solutions, among others.

LiveScore Bet RegistrationOnline
Sign up Time1-2 minutes
LiveScore Bet VerificationBank Account info, Voter’s ID or NIN
LiveScore Bet RegisterSign Up here

How to Register on LiveScore Bet – Step-by-Step

Based on our research, users can register on LiveScore Bet using their desktop device. You can follow this LiveScore Bet sign up guide to create an account with the operator.

  1. Begin the LiveScore Bet registration by visiting the LiveScore Bet website.
  1. Click on the Join button at the uppermost right corner of the homepage.
  1. Fill out the 2-page registration form with your details. The LiveScore Bet online registration requires your phone number, a 6-digit PIN, full name, and more.
  1. Input the LiveScore Bet bonus code in the provided field if needed.
  2. Tick the applicable checkbox to confirm that you are of legal age and to agree with the operator’s T&Cs.
  3. Submit the registration form to complete the LiveScore Bet registration and create a LiveScore Bet account.

After completing our investigations, we discovered you can join the LiveScore Bet register in under two minutes. Additionally, mobile users can also register on the platform by following the LiveScore Bet sign up guide above.

LiveScore Bet Registration Bonus

After you register on LiveScore Bet, the operator welcomes you with a bonus. Users can claim the LiveScore Bet registration bonus up to ₦100,000 in free bets.

The LiveScore Bet registration offer is tiered with deposits between ₦100 to ₦499, receiving 2 free bets. Deposits above this will receive 10 free bets from the operator.

Notably, the LiveScore Bet registration bonus competes with the best offers in the nation. This is why we rate the LiveScore Bet registration highly.

LiveScore Bet

Verified on 16 July 2024

18+. 18+. Deposit ₦100 or more, If you deposit ₦100 – ₦499 will receive 2 Free Bets tomorrow, If you deposit ₦500+ receive 10 Free Bets tomorrow. Minimum odds of 1.01. Full T&Cs apply.


LiveScore Bet
  • Easy registration
  • Bonus amount
  • Betting Markets

Valid in Nigeria

Requirements for Signing up with LiveScore Bet

We thoroughly studied the LiveScore Bet sign up requirement. We highlight what we found in the course of our research below.

  • Aged 18 years above.
  • Nigerian residents only.
  • New users only.
  • Valid phone number.
  • Functional email address.
  • Minimum activation deposit of ₦100.
  • One account per person, phone number, IP, and household.
  • Other LiveScore Bet T&Cs apply.

Bettors who meet these requirements are eligible for the LiveScore Bet registration and can proceed to register on LiveScore Bet.

Personal Information Users Have to Provide

We have done the research for what information you need to provide LiveScore Bet. To create a LiveScore Bet account, you must provide the following personal details:

  • Full Name (ensure it matches your official identification).
  • Date of birth.
  • Valid residential address.
  • Email address.
  • Phone number.
  • Preferred username and password.
  • Operational bank account and payment details.

How Can I Verify My Account on LiveScore Bet?

Another vital step of the LiveScore Bet register is account verification. By conducting thorough research on all bookies, we uncovered that they all request your KYC details to confirm your account.

In line with legally acceptable practices, LiveScore Bet requests you supply a government-recognised identity document to complete account verification. The requested documents can be:

  • Bank account details
  • Voter’s ID
  • NIN

Depending on the ID you use, you must supply your ID number. Once you do, the operator confirms that the name you used during registration matches the name displayed on your ID.

Account verification is only done once for each individual account. Subsequently, verified accounts enjoy faster withdrawals.

We also note that unverified accounts cannot withdraw winnings from their accounts. Only verified accounts can withdraw their winnings unhindered.

LiveScoreBet Account Verification

Common Problems When Registering

The LiveScore Bet sign up is usually straightforward, taking under 2 minutes to complete. However, on rare occasions, new users can face these problems while creating their accounts.

Incorrect Phone Number

Double-check the digits entered during registration if you encounter issues due to an incorrect phone number. A similar problem is the ‘mobile number is already in use’ error.

Correct this by entering an accurate and valid number capable of receiving verification codes. If the problem persists, contact LiveScore Bet support for assistance.

LiveScoreBet Mobile Phone Number Error

Underage Registration

You can only proceed with registration if you input a date of birth that is 18+ years old. For example, we tested this using a birth date short of the legal age by 1 day.

LiveScore Bet denied the creation of the account for being underage. If that is a mistake, kindly recheck the birth date and make the necessary corrections.

LiveScoreBet Date of Birth

Username Already Exists

Our experts also tried creating a duplicate account using the same usernames. We were restricted by the LiveScore Bet’s error message shown below.

If your chosen username is already in use, consider adding unique characters or numbers to make it distinctive. You can also opt to choose an entirely different username, and then try again.

LiveScoreBet Username

Invalid Email Address

Review the entered information for accuracy in case of an invalid email address error. Confirm that the email follows the standard format.

Another similar problem is the ‘email address is already taken’. Kindly recheck the email address. If the issue persists, use an alternative valid email address for registration.

LiveScoreBet Email Adress
LiveScoreBet Validation Email

Technical Glitch

Sometimes, the error is not your making, and this is one such error. LiveScore Bet occasionally work on their site to upgrade and integrate additional features.

At such times, new users may be unable to create their accounts. The solution is to wait for the operator to complete its upgrade before re-accessing the site.

LiveScoreBet Maintenance Website

Unstable Internet Connection

Try switching to a more reliable network for registration hiccups related to an unstable internet connection. Ensure a stable connection throughout the process to avoid disruptions. If problems persist, attempt registration during a time of better connectivity or contact your internet service provider for assistance.

LiveScoreBet Problem Message

LiveScore Bet Registration Conclusion

After our forensic analysis and examination of the entire LiveScore Bet registration process, here’s our review. We summarise our thoughts in the table below.

Learn more about the LiveScore Bet mobile application in our LiveScore Bet app review.

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
✅ Large sports section❌ Absence of one-click registration
✅ ₦100,000 free bets welcome offer❌ User interface could be improved
✅ Secure account verification process❌ The site is optimised for mobile devices
✅ Low minimum deposit/
✅ Flexible payment methods/

LiveScore Bet Registration FAQ

As we conclude our expert review, we answer common questions you have regarding the LiveScore Bet registration. Find these answers below.

You can run into LiveScore Bet online registration problems for several reasons. These include incorrect phone numbers, invalid email addresses, underage registration, and poor internet connectivity. Other reasons exist, but we only mentioned the common ones.

You can locate the LiveScore Bet registration form by clicking the ‘Join’ button on the bookmaker’s homepage. Once you do, the LiveScore Bet registration form allows you to input your details.

LiveScore Bet verifies your number as part of the LiveScore Bet registration process. Once you input your phone number, LiveScore Bet sends you an SMS code to verify the number you entered.

The information you supply during the LiveScore Bet registration is entirely safe and secure. LiveScore Bet’s platform uses the latest security technology to protect its customers from intrusions. Thus, you can confidently complete your LiveScore Bet registration, deposit, bet, and withdraw via the LiveScore Bet online platform.

The operator does not allow bettors to delete their LiveScore Bet account autonomously. You must contact customer support to assist you with account deactivation or deletion. The customer support agent has to confirm you are the account owner before approving your deletion request.