Live betting Explained

Sports betting is traditionally based on a fixed scheme. Usually, before an event, bookmakers issue betting odds for the outcome. Players place their bets, which are then paid out after the game, depending on the outcome. In the past few years, it is not only the range of online sports betting that has grown rapidly. A new form has also established itself: the live bet.

Live betting is a very interesting form of betting that is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, it has become the default way many players bet. Live betting has long since conquered the market and enables you to hunt for the best odds even after the start of the sporting event and with numerous new betting options. In this guide, you will get an overview of live betting, efficient live betting strategies and also present the best bookmakers with whom you can bet live.

Live betting sites in Nigeria

Almost every Nigerian bookmaker now has live betting in their program. However, there are some differences in terms of quality and quantity. The table below shows lists of the best live betting websites in Nigeria and their deposit bonuses:

  • Great Bonus
  • High Odds
  • Live Betting

Verified on 25 Jun 2024

  • Great app
  • Sports markets
  • Welcome Bonus

Verified on 25 Jun 2024

18+. The minimum deposit required to activate the bonus is 400 ₦. Min deposit: 200% up to 20800 ₦, 250% for 20801 ₦ to 41600 ₦, 300% for 41601 ₦. Bonus valid 30 days. For 200% bonus: Half must be wagered 5x in acca bets (3+ selections, 1.40+ odds). Second half: 30x in 1xGames. For 250%+: Half must be wagered 10x in acca bets. T&Cs Apply.
  • Bonus Offer
  • Great app
  • Sports markets

Verified on 25 Jun 2024

18+. Min deposit: ₦4,000. Wagering requirement: 5x/30 days on bonus amount in accumulator bets + WinGames x 30/30 days. At least 3 events in an accumulator must have odds of 1.40 or higher. T&Cs Apply.
  • Bonuses
  • Safe Betting
  • Mobile Betting

Verified on 25 Jun 2024

18+. Offer effective for new customers who have registered from 1st February 2024. The minimum qualifying stake per day to earn a 10% free bet is ₦500. Customers are eligible to earn up to ₦44,000 in Free Bets daily, with a maximum of ₦22,000 from Sports and ₦22,000 from Virtuals. . Full T&Cs apply.
  • Live Betting
  • Mobile App
  • Bet Builder

Verified on 25 Jun 2024

18+. Minimum deposit of ₦100. The deposit and the bonus amount must be wagered 10 times on Sports and/or Virtual Sports. Only bets placed with odds above 3.00 contribute to the Sports Betting First Deposit Bonus. Full T&Cs apply.
  • Top Odds
  • Great app
  • Live Stream

Verified on 25 Jun 2024

18+ bet on 1×2 results in NaiJackpots to win up to ₦850M, with consolation prizes. Pepper Don Rest Jackpot: ₦25 minimum bet, ₦500,000 prize. Do-Ri-Me Jackpot: ₦50 minimum bet, ₦75M prize. 17 Gbosa Jackpot: ₦100 minimum bet, ₦850M prize. T&Cs apply.
  • Mobile App
  • Great Odds
  • Bet Live

Verified on 25 Jun 2024

18+. Max bonus amount 10,000₦, 10 times roll over, 5 sporting events and above. 7.5 total odds selection or more to activate. Full T&Cs apply.
  • Easy Sign-Up
  • Unique Bonus
  • Betting Markets

Verified on 25 Jun 2024

18+. Extra bonus on winnings based on selections. Min odds 1.25. Final percentage calculated on settled bets. Bonus awarded as cash upon settlement. T&Cs apply.
  • Games offer
  • Welcome Bonus
  • Great app

Verified on 25 Jun 2024

18+. Minimum deposit is ₦100. The Bonus cannot be used for our Virtual or Casino products. Bonus must be wagered a minimum of 5 times on any sports market with minimum odds of 1.5 per event and a total of 5 events. General Frapapa rules and terms apply.
  • Great odds
  • Help Chat
  • Good app

Verified on 25 Jun 2024

Up to $30 in Bet Credits Min deposit requirement. Bet Credits are available for use upon settlement of bets to value of qualifying deposit. Min odds, bet and payment method exclusions apply. Returns exclude Bet Credits stake. Time limits and T&Cs apply. Registration required.

What is Live Betting?

Live betting is – as the name suggests – betting on a sporting event that takes place live. The bet is therefore placed β€œlive.” The name is a collective term or generic term: There are many different types of bets that can be played as live bets: handicap bets, over/under bets, goal bets or goal scorers bets, half time bets, and many more. There is, therefore, also a wide range of live betting strategies that you can adopt.

Just like conventional sports betting in Nigeria, they can be placed in a user-friendly manner. In terms of technical application, there are no particular differences that need to be taken into account. Placing bets on sporting events in progress is not a recent innovation and has a long tradition. That betting providers now adapt to the needs of the betting public in the digital age is the logical consequence. Because more and more sports fans want to play football, tennis and the like, bet live.

The development of the last few years shows: bookmakers who miss out on jumping on-trend in good time and do not offer a corresponding live betting option have a hard time gaining a foothold in the highly competitive market or securing their position. Betting providers sometimes already generate higher sales with these interactive offers than with conventional betting stakes.

The range of live bets now includes the vast majority of events on which regular sports bets can also be placed. From football to ice hockey, basketball, tennis, MMA, racing, and baseball, the list keeps going on and on. Also, which betting site offers the best odds often varies from event to event.

An important difference between a live bet and a bet that you place before the game starts is the betting odds. The bookmakers adjust these continuously during the event. This can have far-reaching consequences for the potential profit.

βœ”οΈ Advantages of Live Betting

Additional wagering opportunities

The most important advantage of live betting is that it gives players additional opportunities to win more. Players can grow their portfolios very rapidly by following their favourite games. It creates new opportunities for profiting as many punters want as many opportunities as possible. However, it is advisable not to place tons of wager. Planning your bet is essential to avoid huge losses.

Wide range of statistics

Keeping up live with your game is essential in live betting. When a key player on the field has a serious foul committed on him or a carding by the referee, you should know the pattern of play will surely change. All these and several indicators are available during live bet for you to decide upon. Making assumptions on current events and actions and taking advantage of them is key to winning your wagers on live betting.

Better and higher odds

Another advantage of live betting is that the odds are always higher than conventional ones, especially when betting on the losing team. So, if you think the team is strong enough to claim a comeback, it can make you a lot of money. Also, in-play betting is very interesting for fast-paced games like basketball or ice hockey because their odds fluctuate every time during the match.


The adrenaline-filled entertainment during live betting is so much that it can knock you off your feet. The thrill of watching your favourite team is always there, and you can bet on them instantly at any time during the game. Therefore, players can make little money while supporting their team. The excitement, unpredictability, and euphoria are the sauce of live betting.


Live sports betting gives you the option of playing according to what happens on the field and not to the data that is given before the game. Many times, a lot of things can happen before the match, which can affect pre-game betting data. On the other hand, playing live will give the option of taking a few minutes to analyze the game and then place the bet.

❌ Drawback of Live Betting

No time to develop a Strategy

Players who use different strategies to analyze may find live betting useless for their strategy. This is because their long-term analyses and view of both teams and players are often useless with live betting. Therefore, it may be relatively difficult to win in live betting if you make your prediction based on strategy or research.

Live betting requires quick judgment and decisions based on developments, setbacks, and the progression of the game. Anything can happen during a match, and you have a very limited timeframe to decide. You won’t even have enough time to do in-depth research or analysis after the development. Therefore you have to be quick with your decisions.

Live Betting in Nigeria

Fewer games are available for Live Betting

In comparison with regular betting with tons of games, live betting is available for only several games. In addition, top betting sites offering live betting cannot cover every single game being played, especially locations with low/no coverage.

It can cause addiction

Sports betting and gambling can be addictive on their own. For live betting, there’s a different aspect to the abnormally high level of frenzy and anxiety. The speed and frequency of executing bets can become addictive. Also, losing can lead to out-of-control feelings. However, when regulated and done calmly, live betting is highly entertaining.

Additionally, with in-play betting, there is more chance of spending much more than budget because offers are enticing. Therefore, you must plan your budget so you won’t end up losing more than you can afford.

Difficulty in Maintaining a Plan

It is almost impossible to maintain a plan with live betting. Compared to conventional betting, where you can maintain your game plan, especially how and what you stake on. With live betting, although it is important to develop a plan, general guidelines, pointers, and even game limits, the trend of your plan depends on in-game activities.

What are the types of Lives Bets

Live betting operations are very expensive for a sportsbook to run. It requires a great deal of financial input and huge technological integration, which is why you must choose your betting site carefully.

However, there are various types of live betting. They generally vary depending on the sport you’re betting on and the bookmarking site. Below are some common types of live betting:

Moneyline Bet

The moneyline is a seemingly complicated term with a simple meaning: bet on the winner. Moneyline bets are nothing more than winning bets. You bet on the winner of a game.

Depending on the bookmaker’s betting rule, it is a variant of the draw no bet (also AHC 0) or a win bet including overtime. Moneyline is, therefore, a two-way bet. Thus, a game (basketball game, a round of 16 game or playoff game, etc.) is not lost in the event of a possible tie but continues directly into overtime. ML is a term that is more likely to be found in American sports. In the European area, the term is more likely to be found with AHC 0 or a DNB (Draw no Bet).

Example for football: Fenerbahce against Galatasaray, tip 1 DNB. So here you bet on the victory of Fenerbahce. In the event of a tie, you would get your stake back. If Fenerbahce lost (Galatasaray win), the bet would be lost. A draw no bet is a good security variant when the probability of a draw is quite high.

Prop Bets

Proposition bets, also known as prop bets (prop, prop, novelty, or side bet) is a bet on the occurrence or non-occurrence of an event during a game (usually a game of chance) that has no direct impact on the outcome of the game. Most prop bets are on a player or team, but prop bets can be on anything surrounding an event that a prop betting website has odds on.

The beauty of prop betting is that the outcome of a sports competition does not affect your chances of winning a prop bet. For example, if you were to place a prop bet on whether the coin toss would be heads or tails in the Super Bowl, you would place a prop bet that falls into the fun category. Also, you can execute skill-based prop bets like how many assists or touches a player will make, etc. Prop betting sites have a significant variation in prop odds compared to traditional betting markets. The key to making money with prop betting is the ability to distinguish between the qualified bets and the fun bets. Prop bets in sports differ from general bets for or against a specific team, as well as the total number of points scored.

Parlay Bets

Parlay is a combined bet of two selections (teams) or more. These combination bets are very common when playing small amounts because the more the selections on the ticket, the more the bet will pay, but the more difficult it is to win.

In a Parlay, all the selections have to be correct, absolutely all. If one of the selections of the bets is lost, the whole ticket is lost as well. Such selections can be baseball betting, basketball betting, soccer sports betting, American football, and most sports betting.

Total or Over/Under Bet?

Total Bet, also called over/under bet, is a single stake. In a total bet, the player is only concerned about each team’s combined goals or points at the end of the match. Also called over/under bet, it is a single stake on combined or total runs, points, or goals of a match.

Here, you bet on whether or not the total goal or points at the end of the match is over or under what the bookmarker set. Only the total goal or point at the end of regulation time or when a game officially ends is considered for total bets.

For instance;

  • D’Tigers +7 Over/Under 60
  • Ghanaian Basketball Team. -7

Kayode loves his Nigerian National Basketball team and thinks they will score a total point greater than 60 with the Ghanaian Basketball team. So he places a total bet of “over 60 points.” If at the end of the match, the combined scores of both teams are greater than 60, he wins the bet. However, a lesser point results in a loss, while exactly 60 points is a push.

Live Betting Tips and Strategies

Probably the most important strategy is: Prepare! Just as athletes prepare for the next game or tournament, you should plan your live bet. That means:

  • Start your analysis a few days before kick-off.
  • Explicitly works out the strengths and weaknesses of the opponents.
  • Create a match strategy based on your analysis.

This may sound complicated, but this is what it comes down to when aiming for long-term success with sports betting. Check match analysis or follow online match analyzers that use statistical analysis and mathematical records for match analysis. In this way, you can easily get a good overview of all current games while you place a live bet.

In general, there are three main points to keep in mind:

  • Do not get carried away with ill-considered live bets, even if you are permanently under time pressure. Emotion and anxiety can also result in losses.
  • Another important success factor is good bankroll management. Planning and limiting your wager is very important for live betting success. Many people fall into the trap of betting on a lot of games at the same time. It is almost impossible to keep up with a lot of games at the same time.
  • In addition, you should have a look at the live interface in advance and familiarize yourself with each process. Because with simple operation, there is more room for thought.

Make Sure You Are Watching the Entire Game

One of the most important things to do while live betting is making sure you are watching the entire game live. Many people, especially newbies, surprisingly, don’t always follow this rule. In-game actions and decisions sometimes affect the whole match, especially in soccer. Important actions in live games having almost very fast, a tackle on the best player can ruin the whole game. So don’t miss out on anything that might give you an edge to win.

In-game betting is mainly about flowing with the game’s action and analyzing where the momentum is going very quickly.

Live Betting Tips

The live feed: It couldn’t be more valuable

Information generally has a high priority in sports betting, but you should always be informed about the current game events, especially with live betting. This is where the providers differ greatly from one another. Professional bookmakers integrate live feed options in their website while other bookies limit themselves to the pure announcement of the current results. Keep an overview with the help of the live feed and updates.

Cashout: Identifying the right time

If you want to bet on live football, then you know the problem:

  • You trusted your top scorer, but the game still goes bad in the end.
  • Perhaps your team is losing right now, and you fear for the success of your outright bet.

Either way, knowing the time to cash out can help you.

Thanks to the withdrawal function, it is possible for you to get out of a bet early. For this, you will get a partial amount paid out, which is less than the original profit. However, there is then no longer any risk of completely losing the bet.

Soccer Live Betting tips

Of course, numerous sports are offered live. Tennis (such as the US Masters ), ice hockey, football, and basketball are particularly important.


The greatest attention-deserving live betting sport is, of course, football. These are the top-selling online bets in Africa, and, in addition to the Premier League games, Bundesliga odds are a much-discussed topic among Nigerian punters.

  1. Don’t underestimate the tie: A sports betting draw before the start of the game is mathematically the most improbable for teams of equal strength, but you can capitalize on the high odds with live betting.

For example, if a game is 2-0 after around 70 minutes (preferably for the visiting team) and the team behind is clearly on the trigger, then a bet on a draw should often be worthwhile. The odds will be high, and if the next hit is scored in this pressure phase, then there is always another hit in the final minutes of the game. If you only decide on this live betting strategy after the 2: 1, you will miss out on the great odds.

  1. A game lasts 90 minutes. A goal bet for the late phase of a game is in a similar notch. In many encounters that are 1-0 with 20 minutes to go, something happens. When does such a game ended 1-0? Either the team behind can equalize in the final sprint or catch a counterattack. An over 0.5 goal bet leads to success in many cases. You should also keep an eye on stoppage time, which is often several minutes in the English Premier League.

For sports fans, there is certainly nothing better than the euphoria and joy of cheering live with their team in the stadium, on the television, or computer. If you can now also give a tip on the upcoming events, the tension and the thrill increase significantly. In this way, fans watching live matches can place bets live directly from their smartphone and give the event an extra kick. It’s fascinating how the odds change over and over again as the game progresses.

It is noticeable that professional punters, in particular, earn the most money with live bets. The impressions gained during the game flow directly into the betting odds and tip submission. This option does not exist with pre-match bets. Here customers have to accept the fixed quotas of the respective person. Live tennis betting or football betting, for example, is very lucrative. A player from the top ten is the clear favourite against a qualifier, which means correspondingly low odds. Submitting a tip would, therefore, hardly be worthwhile. However, it looks different if the favourite overslept the start and is suddenly 0: 3 behind. In this case, the odds increase enormously, which makes placing a bet extremely interesting again.

For most bookmakers, the range of live bet on offer reflects the pre-match bets available. The African bookmakers usually focus on football. There is also a relatively large selection of other sports such as

  • Tennis
  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • MMA
  • Basketball
  • Formula 1

With some sports betting providers, however, exotic games such as darts or snooker are also included in live betting.


Live betting is a type of game that requires your intuition. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should overlook the stats that were available before kick-off. The head-to-head history, the last results, the general classification, the number of goals scored and conceded represent reliable indicators, even if the match has just started. Ideally, we recommend that you only bet on the matches you are watching on television. It’s even better to focus on the sport or team that you are best at mastering.

While live betting is an interesting tool for punters, it still requires some precautions to be taken. New players should be careful and get to know the game, the interface, and the process before delving into livebetting.

Finally, do not forget to use the tools made available to you by your bookmaker: cash out is, in particular, an interesting option if you want to change your prediction. Likewise, the mobile application and the streaming service available on some sites can help you establish the best live predictions!