Handicap meaning in Bet9ja

Have you ever wondered what handicap betting is all about? Then this article on the handicap meaning in Bet9ja will shed light on the meaning of handicap in betting.

The handicap market is popular, but it is quite misunderstood. And part of the reason why bettors donโ€™t wager in the market is because of the complexity associated with it. So in this article, we will consider the handicap meaning in Bet9ja. This is because Betja is one of the bookmakers that offer the handicap market.

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What is handicap betting in Bet9ja?

So what is the meaning of handicap in Bet9ja? This is also known as point or line betting. This is a market where a virtual advantage is given to a weaker team, or a virtual disadvantage is given to the stronger team.

If the above explanation sounds confusing, here is an example to shed more light on the meaning of handicap in betting.

Let’s use an English premiership match between Arsenal and Crystal Palace to explain handicap in Bet9ja.

In this match apparently, Arsenal is the stronger team and will have low odds. Now a bookmaker, like Bet9ja provides a handicap market. Now there are several handicap predictions. The first one will be to give Newcastle a goal before the start of the match, designated in the bookmaker like this:

Arsenal (-1) x Crystal Palace (+1).

This means that Newcastle already is virtually leading in the match by 1 goal to nil. So if you bet on Arsenal to win in this handicap market, they would have to score 2 goals or more to nil. The match will be calculated to have ended 2-1 virtually to Arsenalโ€™s favour.

We hope this example explains the meaning of handicap in Bet9ja.

Handicap Betting In Bet9ja

The different formats of handicap betting

Now to understand fully the meaning of handicap in betting, we have to explain the different formats of handicap available.

Asian handicap

The name Asian handicap is coming from a betting style that was popular in Asia. Then, it gained worldwide adoption in the era of online sports betting. This is more complex and requires a deep understanding of how handicaps work before you can play it

European handicap

This type of handicap is simpler and is preferred over the Asian handicap among gambling operators here in Nigeria. This is a point that will become important soon, as we try to explain the handicap meaning in Bet9ja. We would get into explaining the European handicap meaning later in the article.

Alternative handicap

This handicap has a slight difference from the European handicap. We would get to explain the alternative handicap Bet9ja later in the article

Something to note again is that handicap betting is not exclusive to football betting. A lot of other sports especially where stronger teams have a huge advantage over smaller teams offer handicap betting. Sports such as tennis, cricket, basketball, rugby, boxing all have handicap markets available. The availability of these markets also depends on the bookmakers.

How do you place a handicap bet on Bet9ja?

Now that you understand the meaning of handicap in Bet9ja, let us go further to how to play handicap in Bet9ja. Handicap in Bet9ja has its own section for sports that feature handicap betting.

What do the handicap numbers mean?

The handicap numbers indicate the advantage or disadvantages offered to the team. The handicap option on Bet9ja is the single handicap, and since we are trying to explain handicap in Bet9ja we focused on the single handicap.

Let us use the previous example of Arsenal and Crystal Palace, with Arsenal playing at home to illustrate this.

1 Handicap – Arsenal (-1) x Crystal Palace (+1)

In this handicap betting, Crystal Palace has a 1 goal advantage so Arsenal is consequently trailing by a goal. That means Arsenal will have to win by at least 2 goals for a home selection to win. But if they win by 1 goal, the match ends in a draw and your stake is returned. An away prediction will win if Crystal Palace draws or win the match.

1.5 Handicap – Arsenal (-1.5) x Crystal Palace (+1.5)

In this handicap betting, Crystal Palace has a 1 and half goal advantage so Arsenal is consequently trailing by a goal and half. That means Arsenal will have to win by at least 2 goals for a home selection to win. The decimal point eliminates the possibility of a draw. An away prediction will win, if Crystal Palace draws or win the match, or even draws the match at 1-1.

There is also a special handicap that is handicap 0. The handicap 0 meaning is that there canโ€™t be a draw in the match. If you bet on team A with a handicap 0 against team B. If the outcome of the match has team A as winner then your bet wins, if there is a draw, then your bet is refunded. However, if team A loses the match, then you lose your bet. This type of handicap is a form of draw no bet predictions.

Meaning of corner handicap in Bet9ja

The total number of corners in a match can be betted on, and you can bet on corners in the handicap section. Corner handicap as with all handicap betting is giving an advantage to one team over the total number of corners to be played in a match. You can be adding corner kicks to the weaker teams total number of corners played or subtracting corner kicks from the total number of corners played by the stronger team.

For example, assume Leicester City is playing West Ham United at home and you place a bet on the corner handicap of (-3/+3). This simply means that at the end of the match, the home team (Leicester City) should have more corners than the Away team (West Ham) after 3 corners have been added to the Away teamโ€™s corners. So if Leicester has 7 corners and West Ham have 3 corners, then your bet will win as the total corners for West Ham will be 6 corners which is lower than 7.

At the moment, the corner handicap in Bet9ja is unavailable.

What is the European handicap in Bet9ja?

The European handicap meaning is the giving of an advantage to the lesser team or a disadvantage to the stronger team. The major handicap option on Bet9ja is the European handicap, so to understand the handicap meaning in Bet9ja, this is the format to focus on.

The European handicap gives advantages to the weaker team or disadvantages to the stronger team. The major examples we have given above are all European handicap formats. To play the European handicap, just add the number of goals you think the stronger team needs to overcome to win the weaker team.

The European handicap prediction is available in the first half and second half markets.

Does Bet9ja have an Asian handicap?

As mentioned before, there is no Asian handicap in Bet9ja. Asian handicap is the handicap format that has decimals in the handicap numbers. In the previous example given, the Asian handicap format is the +1.5/-1.5 option.

We believe that most Nigerian bettors are okay with the European handicap and that is why the section of Asian handicap in Bet9ja is not developed. However, the fact that there is no section for Asian handicap in Bet9ja should not be an issue. There are other bookmakers that offer that betting market, you can check them out and place your Asian handicap bets with them.

What is an alternative handicap in Bet9ja?

This is so similar to handicap betting that it is easy to confuse them. With the alternative handicap if you choose the home team to win, and the match ends in a draw, then your stake will be returned. Which is in contrast to how the normal European handicap works. So the alternative handicap on Bet9ja helps to hedge your bets against potential losses if the outcome of the match is a draw.

Which sports are using handicap betting on Bet9ja?

To understand the handicap meaning in Bet9ja, you canโ€™t limit it to only football, as we mentioned earlier that the handicap betting markets are also in other sports. Let us shed a little light on how other sports handle handicap betting with examples.


Rugby is a sport where the handicap betting option is quite prevalent. This is because the stronger teams always come out on top. This makes that the odds for the match-winner market can be almost insignificant. The handicap section helps you give a virtual advantage to the weaker team and boost your odds of winning.


The handicap betting in tennis is very important at the beginning of grand slams where top-seeded players have to sometimes play unseeded players. The difference in skill is huge and this makes the odds for the favourite player is almost negligible. So handicap betting on the game or sets can bring back the fun in winning.


Just as rugby, basketball is a sport that requires the handicap section to improve the odds of the stronger team. You can simply bet with a handicap of 25 points to the weaker team to give them an advantage. The same rules of handicap betting in football apply here too, except that there is no option of a draw.

Handicap Basketball Bet9ja


We have come to the end of this article on the handicap meaning in Bet9ja and we hope to have done justice in our quest to explain handicap in bet9ja. We trust that if you have gotten to the end of this article, you can now comfortably place a handicap bet in Bet9ja.

But no worries if the knowledge of European handicap meaning and the rest of the explanations in this article takes some time to settle in your mind. You can always try the handicap markets with a little stake to test the waters and increase it as your knowledge improves with practice. Click the link below to start your handicap betting on Bet9ja.

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