BetWinner Aviator | How to Play BetWinner Aviator in Nigeria?

BetWinner Aviator is a popular online sports betting game in Nigeria. This article provides an informative guide on how to play the aeroplane-themed BetWinner Aviator. Our review covers everything you need to know; including the rules of the game, a review of the Aviator game, and frequently asked questions.


Verified on 24 May 2024

18+. Min deposit: ₦4,000. Wagering requirement: 5x/30 days on bonus amount in accumulator bets + WinGames x 30/30 days. At least 3 events in an accumulator must have odds of 1.40 or higher. T&Cs Apply.



  • Bonus Offer
  • Great app
  • Sports markets

Valid in Nigeria

This BetWinner review aims to educate bettors by focusing and delivering clear, unbiased information about betting and Aviator in particular.

What Is the Aviator Game?

BetWinner Aviator is an interactive and entertaining online casino game where players bet on the flight of a virtual plane. The longer the plane flies, the higher the multiplier on the bet. Players can cash out at any time. However, the best is lost if the plane crashes. This aeroplane-themed game requires strategy, attention, and an element of luck.

BetWinner Aviator

What does all these mean? It simply means that Aviator is not for the faint-hearted. BetWinner Aviator is a daring adventure and everyone has a fair chance at victory.

How to Play Aviator on BetWinner Nigeria?

Playing Aviator on BetWinner is entertaining and requires technique, alertness, and chance. Here’s a comprehensive guide to playing BetWinner Nigeria Aviator.

Step 1: Create an Account

New users without a BetWinner account are welcome to sign up. They can use the BetWinner sign up code to register and access the Aviator game. The operator could gift them a bonus such as a free Aviator bet, free spins, casino. Currently, bettors can pick one of the two bonuses offered – Sports bonus or Casino Games bonus. Either a 200% first deposit bonus up to ₦130,000.00 or first deposit bonus up to ₦169,000.00 + 150 FS.

Step 2: Head Over to Play Aviator

Once logged in, you will see the various headers and sections on the BetWinner website. Go to the Aviator game section by clicking on the red aeroplane icon.

BetWinner Menu

Step 3: Choose Your Bet Amount

Determine the amount you want to bet. Just ensure that it aligns with your budget and strategy.

Step 4: Watch the Plane Take Off

As the virtual plane takes off, the multiplier on your bet increases. As the plane keeps soaring in the air, the multiplier increases.

Step 5: Decide When to Cash Out

Because of the nature of the Aviator game, players are required to be alert and not take their eyes off the plane. Players can cash out whenever they desire. They simply have to click on the β€œCash Out” button.

Step 6: Play the Game Responsibly

Familiarise yourself with the BetWinner Aviator game rules to play responsibly. This includes understanding the odds, payout structure, and any specific terms and conditions. We will examine this in more detail in the upcoming section of our BetWinner Aviator review.

BetWinner Aviator Game Rules

In this section, we will look at the main rules of playing Aviator on BetWinner. We will also leave no stone unturned by explaining each one in detail to provide a clear and comprehensive guide.

Betting Amount

The player must choose a betting amount before the virtual plane takes off. This amount can be adjusted using the on-screen controls, but once the game starts, the bet is locked in and cannot be changed until the next round.

Multiplier and Cash Out

As the plane flies, a multiplier on the bet increases. Players can cash out at any time to secure their current winnings, multiplied by the current multiplier. If the player does not cash out before the plane crashes, the entire bet is lost.

Game Timing

The timing of the plane’s crash is random and unpredictable. Players must use strategy and intuition to decide when to cash out. There is no set pattern or way to predict when the plane will crash.

Responsible Gaming

Players must adhere to responsible gaming practices. This includes setting limits on bets and understanding the risks involved. BetWinner encourages responsible play and provides support for players who need assistance.

Bonus and Promotions

While BetWinner may provide a welcome bonus or a deposit bonus, players should read the terms and conditions carefully. Wagering requirements and restrictions on how bonuses can be used within the Aviator game could be provided.

Fair Play and Integrity

BetWinner Aviator operates with transparency and integrity. The game’s outcomes are determined by random algorithms, ensuring fair play. Players can trust that the game is conducted honestly, without manipulation or bias.

Players can enjoy a fair and exciting experience with BetWinner Aviator by understanding and adhering to these rules.

Aviator Games Review

Aviator games, including BetWinner Aviator, have become a fascinating addition to the world of online betting. Here’s a brief review and history to provide a better understanding of its origins and evolution:


The concept of Aviator games draws inspiration from classic financial investment models, where the value of an asset can rise exponentially but may crash without warning. This thrilling uncertainty was adapted into a gaming format, giving birth to the Aviator game.


Initially, Aviator games were simple, focusing solely on the rising multiplier and the crash. Over time, they have evolved to include various features, betting options, and visual enhancements. BetWinner Aviator, for example, offers a sleek interface, detailed graphics, and additional betting strategies.


The core gameplay remains consistent across different platforms: players bet on how long a virtual plane will stay in the air, with the option to cash out at any time. The longer the plane flies, the higher the potential winnings, but the risk of crashing also increases.


Aviator games have gained significant popularity in various regions, including Nigeria, where BetWinner Aviator has become a favoured choice among bettors. Its blend of strategy, luck, and excitement appeals to both seasoned bettors and newcomers.


Aviator games, with their unique blend of risk and reward, have carved a niche in the online betting landscape. BetWinner Aviator, in particular, stands out for its user-friendly interface, responsible gaming practices, and engaging gameplay. It’s a testament to how a simple concept can evolve into a widely enjoyed betting experience, offering a wide range of options for players of all levels. Whether for fun or the thrill of the game, BetWinner Aviator continues to attract players with its innovative approach and captivating design.


In this section, we’ll cover some common questions related to BetWinner Aviator, providing unique and exhaustive answers to help players understand the game better.

Yes, you can play Aviator game on BetWinner. It’s one of the popular casino games offered on the platform. It provides players with an exciting and strategic betting experience. Players can access the game after login on the BetWinner platform by navigating to the Aviator game section.

Finding Aviator on BetWinner is straightforward. After logging into your BetWinner account, you can navigate to the casino section, where Aviator is listed among the available games. You can also use the search function within the platform to quickly locate the Aviator game.

During the game, as the virtual plane takes off and the multiplier increases, you have the option to cash out at any time by clicking the β€œCash Out” button. Timing is essential, as cashing out secures your current winnings, multiplied by the current multiplier. You will lose your bet if you don’t cash out before the plane crashes. It is a decision that requires strategy and intuition, adding to the excitement of the game.