Betting Payment Methods in Nigeria in 2024

There are several betting payment methods in Nigeria, so it’s quite convenient to gamble in the country. In this guide, we’ll mention the available options and even show you how to choose the best of them.

Which Betting Payment Methods are Used in Nigeria?

Before you can place bets or even play online casino games, you need to make a deposit. Also, after you’ve won your bet, you’ll also need to withdraw your winnings to your local bank account. This can only be possible if you have any of the available payment methods used for betting in Nigeria.

For the purpose of this guide, here are the popular betting payment methods in the country.

  • Debit/Credit Cards
  • Bank Instant Deposit
  • Bank Transfers
  • Payment Systems
  • Opay
  • USSD payments
Betting Payment Methods in Nigeria

Debit/Credit Cards

These are the most common options you will find online. You can use your Visa, MasterCard, or Verve Card to deposit money. You can use your debit card from any commercial bank in Nigeria to fund your Bet9ja, Betwinner, 1xBet, or other online sportsbook accounts. The minimum deposit accepted is ₦100 and the maximum amount is ₦1,000,000 depending on your card spending limit.

Bank Deposit

There are many bookies in Nigeria that provide the option of bank deposits. You can simply walk into a bank branch and pay into your gambling account. You can make a deposit at Zenith Bank, Gtbank, Polaris, UBA, or any Nigerian bank. The minimum deposit they accept is ₦100 and a maximum of ₦10,000,000. Bookies like 22Bet, 1XBet, and even BetKing allow bank deposits. The transaction fee for bank deposits is ₦50.

Bank Transfer

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to make payments. You can make a transfer from your bank account using your bank app. Depending on your bank, the minimum deposit you can make is ₦100 and a maximum of ₦3,000,000. It’s possible to make these transfers on apps from Gtbank, Access Bank, and Zenith Bank. Bank transfers usually have additional fees of ₦100.

Payment Systems

You can make deposits using payment systems like Quickteller and Paystack in Nigeria. These options are easily accessed on sports betting sites like Bet9ja, Betwinner, 1xBet, and other bookies. Quickteller accepts a minimum deposit of ₦100 and a maximum of ₦10,000,000. The same also applies for Paystack. However, for Quickteller you’ll pay a transaction fee of ₦100.


Opay is another popular payment method accepted in most betting sites in Nigeria. Most of the online betting sites in Nigeria accept deposits from Opay. Transactions on Opay carry no charges at all. You can make a minimum payment of ₦100 and a maximum of ₦10,0000 using this payment service.

USSD Payment

Another way to fund your betting account is by USSD payments. Most banks today allow customers to make payments offline using their unique USSD codes. The minimum USSD deposit you can make is ₦50 and a maximum of ₦200,000 regardless of the bank you use. There’s also ₦20 fees for USSD payments.

How to Choose the Best Betting Payment Method?

One of the features of the best betting sites in Nigeria is that they offer multiple payment options. As a result, you are not limited when it comes to making a choice. You can opt for traditional card payments or simply choose other options the betting site offers. How do you make your choice? Here are some tips to consider when choosing a payment method.

Safety & Security

One of the most important tips to consider when choosing betting payment methods is your security. Make sure the payment method you’re using is safe and does not compromise your financial details. Some payment methods offer better privacy than others. For instance, with options like Neteller, Skrill, AstroPay, Ecopayz, and even PayPal, you won’t be revealing any personal financial details.


Some betting payment methods come with transaction fees while some are free. If you’re making a deposit or withdrawal, you need to consider the transaction fees. The charges on fees may vary depending on the payment method you choose. Most bettors in Nigeria opt for Opay because they don’t have any charges. Also, some bookies may not include any additional charges for withdrawals.


Most people will opt for payment methods that are convenient. It can be quite tedious to drive over to the bank or to pay over the counter. You can also conveniently make payments using ewallets or banking apps, or with debit cards. When choosing any betting transaction method, ensure it is convenient for you.

Transaction Time

One of the things you need to consider when choosing deposit or withdrawal methods is the duration of the transaction. Some payment methods are faster than others, while some may take longer. Options like Neteller, PayPal, Ecopayz, and other ewallet options are usually very fast for withdrawals.

Minimum/Max Deposit Limit

Also, check which payment methods accept high deposits. For instance, if you opt for USSD payments, you may not be able to deposit more than ₦500,000. However, some payment methods allow bettors to deposit up to ₦10,000,000. So, if you have a big budget, a low deposit payment method may not be suitable for you.

Minimum/Max Withdrawal Limit

Before you choose a payment method, look at the minimum/maximum withdrawal limit. Some payment methods are not even available for withdrawals like debit cards in Nigeria, and USSD. Also, some have a threshold when it comes with making withdrawals. So, if you exceed the daily limit, you may have trouble receiving your winnings.

How to Make a Deposit on the Betting Site in Nigeria?

If you’re new to online betting in Nigeria, here’s a simple guide on how to deposit money using the various payment methods.

Deposit with Opay

You can use this option on different betting sites like 1xBet, BetKing BetWinner, and 22Bet. One of the benefits of using Opay to fund your betting account is that it is safe and fast. It also offers a level of privacy which prevents you from revealing your banking information. You can make a minimum deposit of ₦100 and a maximum of ₦10,000,000. Also, there are no charges for transfers made using Opay.

Here’s how to make a deposit in your betting account.

  • Open the Opay app
  • Select the bookmaker (Bet9ja, BetKing, BetWinner,etc.)
  • Enter your User ID
  • Type in your username
  • Enter the transaction amount
  • Choose your method of payment
  • Tap on “Pay Now”

When your payment is complete, you will see if it is successful. It should take a couple of minutes for the payment to reflect in your betting account.

Deposit with Quickteller

Quickteller is one of the most widely used betting deposit methods for online transactions. You can deposit ₦100 or a maximum of ₦10,000,000 in your betting account. No matter the amount you transfer, you’ll pay fees of ₦100. The deposit method is seamless, and you can do it directly on the bookmaker’s site or on Quickteller’s platform. You’ll find the Quickteller option on betting sites like Bet9ja, BetKing, BetWinner, and 1xBet.

Here’s how to make your Quickteller deposit:

  • Go to any Quickteller enabled ATM
  • Insert your Visa, MasterCard,or Verve Card
  • Enter your PIN
  • Select Paybills or Quickteller
  • Choose your account type, either savings or current account.
  • Enter the merchant code
  • Enter your User ID
  • Type in your deposit amount
  • Enter your phone number
  • Tap on proceed to complete the transaction.

Deposit with Credits Cards

You can conveniently make payments online using your debit or credit card. If you use cards you’ll receive your deposits instantly and even qualify for most betting promo offers. Also, another benefit is that this payment method is available in all online gambling platforms. As a result, you won’t have any hassles funding your betting account. You can make a minimum deposit of ₦100 or a maximum of ₦1,000,000 depending on your type of account. Some banks may have a ₦50 charge on card deposits while others may not come with any charges.

Here’s how to make your card deposit:

  • Go to the bookmaker’s website
  • Click on Deposit
  • Enter deposit amount
  • Choose the card payment option
  • Enter your card details including CRV
  • Type in your four-digit PIN
  • Complete payment by providing the OTP code

Immediately you confirm the transaction, your payment will reflect.

Deposit with Bank Transfer

As we mentioned earlier, you can deposit money via bank transfer. You can do so using your banking app. As a result, you will be funding your betting account directly from your bank account. With this option, you don’t need any middleman or third-party site. Bank transfers are usually instant and will reflect within 24 hours. The minimum transaction amount is ₦100 while the maximum bank transfer limit is ₦1,000,000.

Here’s how to make your bank transfer to fund your betting account.

  • Login to your banking app
  • Click on the menu
  • Choose payment
  • Select the bookmaker
  • Enter the biller (Bet9ja, BetKing, BetWinner, etc)
  • Enter your deposit amount
  • Enter your User ID
  • Continue to complete your payment

Deposit with USSD

Today, it’s very possible to make payments online even without using your internet. Thanks to the Unstructured Supplementary Data Service (USSD) option, bettors can conveniently make payments. You only need the unique USSD code to initiate the transaction. Bookies like BetKing, BetWinner, 1xBet, and 22Bet accept USSD deposits. If you’re using this option you can deposit as little as ₦50 and up to ₦200,000. You’ll only need to pay ₦20 as charges for the transaction.

Here’s how to make USSD payments

  • Dial the USSD code (eg. For Gtbank *737*50*Amount*153)
  • Follow the prompt
  • Enter your User ID
  • Enter your mobile banking PIN code
  • Complete payment

Immediately, you will receive a notification that your payment is complete.

Deposit with Neteller

You can make a deposit on Neteller, however, not all bookies in Nigeria accept this option. Only a few online betting sites accept Neteller deposits, for instance, 1xBet, 22Bet, and Betwinner. To deposit using Neteller, you have to consider foreign exchange transaction fees. Deposits using this option can be charged up to 3.99%. Also, Neteller provides a prepaid MasterCard which you can use to fund your betting account. With Neteller, you can make a minimum deposit between $5 to $10 depending on the bookie.

Deposit with Paypal

This payment method is not available on local sportsbooks like Bet9ja or BetKing. Instead, you can find this option when playing at foreign betting sites. Still, there are not many betting sites that accept PayPal like other payment methods. One of the benefits of using this option is that PayPal is swift, and you will receive your deposit within minutes, although it can take up to 24 hours. Also, it is a very secure payment method and offers a level of privacy. You can make a minimum deposit of $5 or $10 depending on the bookmaker, and Paypal deposits require a commission of 3.4%.

Online vs Offline Betting Payment Methods

You can either make the payment offline or online at online betting sites. Bettors in Nigeria can choose from a wide variety of these options. With offline betting payment methods, you don’t need to be connected to the internet to fund your account. However, the online options require a working internet and a device. So if you’re struggling with your internet connection, an offline option will be a much better way to deposit money. Instead, you’ll have the option of the USSD payment, Quickteller ATM deposits, or simply paying at the bank branch.

Betting Payment Methods in Nigeria FAQs

Which are the popular payment methods in Nigeria?

There are many popular betting payment methods in Nigeria. Some of them include debit/credit cards, bank deposits, bank transfers, Quickteller, Opay, and Paystack.

Is it safe to deposit money on betting sites?

Yes, it is safe to deposit money into your betting account. Most of the leading online betting sites in Nigeria are secure. They have security protocols and built-in tech that prevents unauthorised persons from accessing their customers’ accounts.

Can you bet without a bank account?

Yes, you don’t need a bank account to bet in Nigeria. There are many payment options available that do not require a bank account. For instance, you can deposit and withdraw your money with Opay.