Betano Live Betting

Betano is one of the biggest bookmakers in Europe, and one of its major features is the Betano live betting feature. Like other bookmakers, live betting on the Betano website is a prominent feature and is available for many sporting events. So, in this article, we will analyse live betting at Betano.

What is a Live bet on Betano?

A live bet on Betano is placing bets in the live betting section. And we will explore that later on in the article. We will look at live betting in general.

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History of live betting

For the longest time, the only form of betting possible on sports was pre-game betting. But in 2002, some bookmakers started to offer a service that allowed bettors to place bets on games while the game was already ongoing.

At that time, live betting was offered only for a few sports, but as time went on, more sporting events and more betting markets were added. So you can place live bets on a variety of sports such as football, basketball, cricket, volleyball, rugby, etc. The betting markets also improved, and sometimes you can find as many markets in pre-game betting as in the live betting section.

Betano Live Bet

Live casino

Even the casino section has not been left out, as most bookmakers offer live casino also. The live casino is done with collaborations with game companies that stage live casino sessions in their studio. The live casino is complete with a live croupier, with the lights and sounds that make it very realistic. Some also offer the functionality to play with other live players in multiplayer games like poker. And like in the simulated casino, you can find various versions of a popular game like Blackjack or Poker. Most bookmakers, Betano included, are streaming the games, and bettors can place bets through them.

Live streaming

Another great addition to live betting is live streaming. Live streaming offers an interface to watch the match as you place live bets. But unlike live betting, live streaming has not so much improved on many bookmakers’ sites. This is because the biggest sports leagues sell the rights to the broadcast of their live games, and it is expensive. Moreover, TV channels buy them in advance. This means bookmakers cannot show the live stream of those games without paying a huge amount of money. The other bookmakers settle to show the match progression on a visual interface. This visual interface shows the livescore and the events of the game. In addition, some interfaces will display statistics like the head-to-head feature and the form of the teams playing.

Betano Live Streaming

Betano Live Bet Service explained

As you have seen, the live betting feature has vastly improved from its early days, and you can enjoy most of these features on the Betano live betting section.

The Betano live bet feature is available on the homepage of the bookmaker. This section feature several games with their betting markets. Due to the rise of sporting events in different time zones, the Betano live bet is available 24/7. Therefore, when clicking on the ‘Live tab at Betano, you will see various live games. We outline the steps to place a Betano live bet below.

  1. Head to the bookmaker’s site and log into your account.
  2. Click on the ‘Live’ button at the top of the page.
  3. Select a sports event, and the live betting markets for the available events will be displayed.
  4. Make your predictions.
  5. Stake money to them and click on confirm.

Tips for Betano live bet

The live betting markets on Betano are not so different from the pre-game markets, but they don’t always offer the same odds. So there are tips that can help improve your success on live betting.

Here are the live betting tips.

  1. Always research the games you want to bet on.
  2. Don’t bet huge amounts on live games.
  3. Try not to bet with accumulators for live games. Single bets increase your chances of winning.
  4. Depending on the game’s progression, the betting odds can increase or decrease, so follow it to know when to get the best odds.
  5. Check out other betting markets apart from the popular ones.
  6. Finally, it is safer not to place live bets on games where your favourite team is playing. You will certainly make most decisions based on your emotions, which is a recipe for bad bets.

Betano live casino

The Betano casino offers several games; however, there are all slot games. There is no live casino on the bookmaker website. Bettors can only enjoy simulated slot games.  We hope that when Betano starts operation in Nigeria, they will offer a live casino.

Betano live betting on mobile

Betano has developed two versions of the mobile app, one for Android users and another for iOS users. In addition, the Betano mobile app offers the live betting feature. To place a live bet on the mobile app, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the mobile app and log into your account.
    Betano Live Betting
  2. Click on the ‘Live’ tab at the top of the homepage.
  3. Select the sports and sporting event you want to bet on from the list.
  4. Follow the match from the visual interface.
  5. Make your predictions and stake money on them.
  6. Click on confirm to place the live bet.

Frequently asked questions

How to Access the Betano Live Stream Service?

There is a live betting feature on Betano. But, there is no live stream service that shows live games. However, there is a visual interface that displays the game’s events with a timeline that keeps track of how the game has progressed.

How do I watch live on Betano?

There is no live stream on Betano, but there is also a visual interface for each match. This interface displays the score of the game and how the events of the game. It is not as good as a real live stream. But it offers as much information as possible so you can make correct live betting predictions.

How does Betano live bet work?

The Betano live bet allows you to place bets on games that have already started, and it is available for several sporting events. You can make predictions in the several betting markets available by clicking on your preferred predictions. However, live bet odds and markets change very fast, so you have to make predictions quickly.

How to live bet?

To place a live bet on Betano, head to the bookmaker’s site and log into your account. Then, click on the ‘Live’ tab at the top of the page to access the live betting section. Select the one you want to bet on from the list of games. Then, make your predictions and stake the bet with money. When you place live bets, you have to be fast as the odds change quickly depending on the game’s progression.