Betano App: Download the App and Play on Mobile

While you cannot do the Betano registration and get its bonuses via the Betano bonus code from Nigeria yet, you may be able to do so soon. There is talk that the site may launch in the country. If it does, you can access the Betano app. Read this article to learn more about it and what you can expect from it.

How to Download the Betano App?

Since the Betano sports betting site is not yet available in Nigeria, we cannot give you a complete guide to the download process. However, we have reviewed several international versions of the site. Thus, we can give you some indication as to what the process might eventually look like.

In all likelihood, you may have to follow the steps below to download the Betano app in Nigeria:

  1. Visit the operator’s website from your mobile browser and head over to the mobile section.
  2. Choose the download link based on the device you are using. There are options for both Android and iOS app downloads.
  3. Follow the instructions for your chosen operating system and complete the download procedure. For instance, you have to download an APK for Android and download it from the App Store for iOS.

After you complete the download procedure for your particular operating system, the app should ideally become available on your phone within a few minutes.

From the app, you may be able to either register if you do not have an account or log in if you already have one. Then you will probably be able to make a deposit and start betting on your favourite sports.

Download Mobile App Betano

Download Betano on Android

Since the site has an app for Android in other jurisdictions, you can expect the same if the site launches in Nigeria. Then you can expect to follow the steps below to download the Betano app for Android:

  1. Visit the operator’s website from your Android mobile browser. Find and head over to the mobile section.
  2. Click the Android app download option. Then you will probably be directed to another page with detailed instructions on how to download the app via the APK file.
  3. Download the APK file onto your device, allow apps from unknown sources, and install the app on your phone.

After you complete the steps outlined above, you should be able to download the Betano app for Android once it becomes available in Nigeria. Unless, of course, the sportsbook releases an app that is available directly through the Play Store. Then the process might be different.

Download Betano on iOS

The Betano app is available for punters in other regions who use iOS devices. The same is likely to be the case in Nigeria once the site launches.

That means you will almost certainly get access to an iOS site if the site starts accepting Nigerian punters. And the steps to download the Betano iOS app might look something like the ones listed below:

  1. Visit the operator’s website from the browser on your iOS device.
  2. Click on the iOS download option. This should redirect you to the app location in the App Store.
  3. Download the betting app from the official store.

Typically, the app downloads and installs when you click the ‘get’ button in the Apple App Store. The same is likely to be the case here.

After you complete the steps above, your download and installation process starts and finishes within minutes. Then you will probably be able to access the sportsbook and all its features.

Download Betano App on Windows

Betano does not offer an app for Windows in any of the jurisdictions where it is currently active. Similarly, the operators are unlikely to offer a Windows app in Nigeria if they launch.

That is because the demand for such an app would not justify the cost required to develop one. For instance, a Windows app can be of 2 kinds. The first one is a dedicated app for Windows computers. Whereas the other is an app for Windows phones.

The Windows PC app would add no more value than the full desktop site. And on the other hand, Windows phones do not make up a huge chunk of the betting population.

Therefore, it is highly unlikely that you will get access to a Windows app in Nigeria if the Betano sports betting site launches.

What Are the Pros of Using the Betano Mobile App?

Some of the key benefits of the Betano app that you can expect to enjoy if it becomes available in Nigeria include:

  • The ability to carry your sportsbook around at all times no matter where you go
  • Access to many features, bonuses, and promotions
  • Get instant suggestions, tips, and notifications regarding bets, especially live bets

What Are the Cons of Using the Betano Mobile App?

The sportsbook’s app has some shortcomings too. The major ones include:

  • It is not available in most jurisdictions, and there is no clear roadmap for making it available in other markets
  • It needs to be updated on a regular basis, which has to be done manually in the case of Android

How to Use the Betano App?

In almost every jurisdiction that we reviewed, the Betano app is quite similar to the site, especially the mobile version. Thus, we can state that scenario is likely to remain if the site launches in Nigeria sometime in the future.

Moreover, you should not encounter too much trouble if you have used a betting app or mobile site before. While the interface may be a bit different, you can expect most of the same basic features. For example, you will probably be able to register, log in, deposit, place bets, and withdraw via the Betano mobile app.

Moreover, you may even be able to manage every aspect of your account via the app. For instance, punters in other regions can contact customer service, update some of their account details, and so on using the app. There is no reason why you should not be able to do the same in Nigeria if the app becomes available.

In addition to being packed with features, the Betano app is incredibly user-friendly. And you can expect to enjoy all the features easily if the app becomes available.

How to Register on the Betano App?

If you do get the privilege of using the Betano app in Nigeria sometime in the future, you will be able to register using the app easily.

The registration process via the app should be similar to the registration process in other sportsbooks. So, you will have no trouble signing up if you have signed up to a sports betting site before.

For example, there is likely to be a ‘sign up’ or ‘registration’ button on the app. You will be able to use that to access the registration form.

You can expect to provide details such as your name, phone number, email address, a unique password and other things during registration. Once you submit the form, your betting account should be created.

Claim the Betano Bonus on the Betano app

If the sportsbook decides to commence operations in Nigeria, you can expect a welcome bonus. Moreover, you can expect the ability to claim the bonus via the Betano mobile app.

Since the site is not available in Nigeria, we cannot provide specific information on what the bonus might be or how to claim it. But we can draw a general picture for you.

For instance, the site offers a deposit bonus and free bets welcome package in many of the countries where it is currently present. You would not be mistaken to expect something along similar lines in Nigeria in the future as well.

Moreover, the site generally does not require a promo code for claiming bonuses. But this may change for individual bonuses or for all bonuses by the time the site officially launches in Nigeria.

If a promo code does become mandatory, then you will probably need to enter it during registration or during your first deposit. On the other hand, if no promo code is required, then you probably just need to meet the minimum conditions. But in either case, you should be able to claim the bonus via the mobile app.

What Are the Betano App Features?

Some of the best features that you can expect from the mobile app from Betano have been highlighted below. However, be aware that we cannot guarantee that all the mentioned features will be available if the app officially launches in Nigeria.

Customised Live Betting

Live betting is one of the prime reasons why punters choose to use sports betting apps. And Betano might allow you to take your live betting to the next level via a host of customisation features.

App-Only Offers and Promotions

The Betano app may open up a world of app-only bonuses and features for you. For example, you may get some bonuses that are not available on the site but available through the app.

Tips and Suggestions

The sports betting app has what it calls a ‘Bet Mentor’ which is designed to help you with real-time tips and suggestions. You may very well be able to access this and make your betting even more accurate.

Win Extra Prizes

The app may let you participate in various missions or extra games through which you can win some extra prizes. For instance, you may get a prize for betting a certain amount during a given week.

Play Casino Games

Though this feature may not be readily available in Nigeria, we should mention it for full transparency. Using the Betano app, you may be able to play casino games such as slots, live table games, etc.

What About Using the Betano Mobile Site?

Subject to the site getting a licence to operate in Nigeria, you can choose to use the mobile site as well as the mobile app. Both will most probably appear the same to you, at least in terms of the features and the interface.

However, the app is likely to perform better and give you a better betting experience. It is likely to be more responsive and optimised for mobile devices. And also, it may contain some app-only features.

✔️ Betano Mobile Site – Advantages❌ Betano Mobile Site – Disadvantages
There will probably be no download or installation required.The site will almost be slower than the app.
There will probably be no need to update the site.Wouldn’t have some features and bonuses exclusive to the app.
The look and feel of the site are likely to be the same as the app.

Devices Compatibles With the App

The Betano app does not require very high system requirements. You should be able to use the app via most of the common smartphones used in Nigeria. For example, some of the devices that are extremely likely to be compatible include:

  • All iPhones stretching from the 13 series all the way back to the 6 series
  • Nokia G20, Tecno Spark GO, Oppo A96, Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro, and other common Android devices.

The list above is merely indicative. It is not an exhaustive list of all the devices that may be compatible with the Betano app. Thus, no need to be concerned if your device is not on the list.


Does Betano have an app?

Yes, the Betano sports betting site has an excellent mobile app that is available on both iOS and Android. However, it is not yet available in Nigeria and many other jurisdictions.

How to download & install the Betano app?

If you are from an acceptable jurisdiction such as Germany or Portugal, you can download and install the Betano app via the operator’s website. You have to download the APK file for the Android app, but you can download the iOS app directly from the app store.

The Betano app won’t Install: what should I do?

You may encounter Betano app installation issues if you are not from an acceptable jurisdiction. For instance, you cannot download the app right now from Nigeria, but you can do so from Germany.

Can I find Betano in the Play Store?

The Android app for Betano is not available via the Google Play Store. You have to download the APK file from the operator’s website and install the app via that route.