Bet9ja simulated reality league

The Bet9ja Simulated Reality League is a virtual representation of the two most popular leagues globally – the EPL and La Liga. You can find it under the Bet9ja play platform, which also contains the simulation of dog racing and horse racing.

What is the Simulated Reality League in Bet9ja?

The Bet9ja SRL simulates football games and the league structure of the English Premier League and La Liga, bringing a certain level of reality to virtual games. But unlike the virtual games, the real names of the football teams are used, not the actual names of the players and stadiums.

Bet9ja Simulated Reality League

This bookmaker continues to offer virtual games on several sports such as basketball, tennis, and baseball. Bet9ja simulated reality league takes the place of the virtual football games provided in the past.

The Bet9ja SRL league consists of 20 teams. They play each other over the course of 38 home and away games in a round-robin format.

How to calculate points in Bet9ja SRL

A win is counted as 3 points, a draw is 1 point, and a loss carries no points.

After each match, the Bet9ja SRL table is updated with the points of the teams. The winner of the league is the team with the highest points after 38 matches.

It is ideal for bettors who want to bet on games without having to wait for the 90 minutes play.

Each game lasts for just a minute and a 2 minutes break for customers to place bets, so a whole season finishes within 2 hours. Bettors have the option of watching the games with a commentary while partaking in the fun. The Bet9ja SRL livescores are displayed underneath the virtual gameplay and the betting markets are placed in the centre of the screen.

With the Bet9ja Simulated Reality League, you don’t have access to all the betting markets available in normal football games. You have acces to the following markets:

  • Match winner 
  • Over/Under
  • Correct score
  • Match winner + Over/Under
Bet9ja SRL Livescore

How to play Bet9ja SRL?

You can play the Bet9ja SRL by following the steps below:

  • Head to the Bet9ja website.
  • Click on the “Bet9ja Play” at the top of the page.
  • You will see the two leagues, so click on your preferred league.
  • The page will open to the betting markets of the next game to be played.
  • Find the markets you want to bet on, click on the odds and stake your money.

How to check Bet9ja Simulated Reality League Results

You can find the Bet9ja SRL results on the left side of the betting markets. And for bettors seeking out the league standings, these are visible just below.

How to bet on a Simulated Reality League?

A random number generator will generate Bet9ja SRL scores. Thus, predicting them is harder than real-life games where you can analyze the strength of the team, injuries and home and away advantage.

But you can consider some factors before you place a bet. 

  • The popularity of the team in real life. Stronger teams in the respective leagues in real life perform better than weaker teams.
  • The teams’ standing on the Bet9ja SRL league table.
  • Form of the team in the simulation. Checking their previous games can give you insight into how they would perform in a current game.

Bet9ja Nigeria takes all possible measures to ensure that the matches’ scores on the Bet9ja SRL are as random as possible, but bettors can always pick up some patterns. These patterns can help you make some likely correct scores and over/under predictions. It is also possible to predict other markets such as NG/GG with some accuracy.

Something to note is that the maximum winning per betslip on the Bet9ja simulated reality league is N10,000. Note: While the Bet9ja promotion code is not available in the Bet9ja Simulated Reality League, you can use it when you place sports bets on real-life games.

Frequently asked questions on Bet9ja SRL

Where can I get Simulated Reality League scores?

Simply follow the steps below:

– Head to the Bet9ja official website and click on the “Bet9ja Play”.
– Check the right side of the page to see the scores of the matches

How long is the Simulated Reality League on Bet9ja?

The Bet9ja SRL lasts just for 120 minutes (2 hours). Each game lasts for just 1 minute, while bettors have 2 minutes to place their bets.

What is a Simulated Match on Bet9ja?

A simulated match takes place virtually between two football teams on the gaming platform. The bookmaker offers the simulated matches based on the teams playing in the English Premier League and the La Liga league.

Bet9ja SRL
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