Bet9ja Agent Registration: Fees, Forms & Requirements explained

Most people will know about Bet9ja, Nigeria’s online betting site, but we will take you through the steps needed to become a Bet9ja agent and how to run a Bet9ja shop. Bet9ja agents can earn a commission, set up their own business, and benefit from the company’s success.

We will be looking at how you become a Bet9ja agent and what the job entails. Read on to find out all you need to know about this great opportunity.

Become a Bet9ja Agent: The Requirements

Becoming a Bet9ja agent is an exciting opportunity for anyone interested in sports and sports betting. But there are obviously a number of requirements for super-agent prospects. These can be both personal and financial.

To be a Bet9ja agent there are a few characteristics and personality traits that would be beneficial.

  • Good knowledge of sports
  • Customer management skills
  • Excellent communication
  • Suitable premises for a shop
  • Finances – including Bet9ja registration fee of N 50,000
  • Self-motivation
  • Business skills and experience
  • Betting knowledge

It seems obvious that having a good knowledge of sports and sports betting is good for a Bet9ja agent and running a Bet9ja shop. But it is completely true. If you already know about these subjects, you will have greater confidence in the work you do, and that will make it easier to bring in that agent commission.

Business skills and good communication skills are also very important with a Bet9ja shop register. Although you will have full training and support from Bet9ja, this is your business. You will be making the everyday decisions that are needed to keep a business going. Some expertise in that area is going to make things much easier.

The Bet9ja registration fee is just a standard amount to process your agent application.

Bet9ja Agent Registration
*Subject to contract.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Bet9ja Agent?

So, you’ve checked off all the items on the requirements list above – but what do you get for being a Bet9ja super agent? Here are some of the plus points of becoming a Bet9ja agent.

  • Commission on all new recruits from tellers
  • Commission rate based on turnover
  • Zero risk on winning bets
  • Access to thousands of bets every week
  • Ability to use leading industry software
  • Use of new products
  • Technical support and training
  • A chance to run your own Bet9ja shop

Bet9ja is one of the leading sports betting names in Nigeria and the whole of Africa. Being part of that as an agent is an important role – especially when you complete the Bet9ja shop register.

On a personal note, becoming a Bet9ja agent will expand your business skills and give you a huge sense of satisfaction. Running your own business gives you the opportunity to do what you want to do. You will get as much out of being a Bet9ja agent as you put in. Your job will be completely on your terms.

How to Open a Bet9ja Shop Account?

Opening a Bet9ja shop account is an important step in building a relationship with the operator. When you’ve signed up as a customer account holder, you may have used a bet9ja promotion code to activate any offers and promotions related to new customers. Now you have the chance to partner up with one of Nigeria’s leading sports betting companies.

How to Open a Bet9ja Shop?

The obvious next step once you have registered as an agent is to open a Bet9ja shop. This way, you will be able to earn even more commission. You will need to get full authorisation from Bet9ja to make this next stop. But there are other requirements that you will need to consider when opening a shop.

You will need to rent premises big enough to fit in your customers and tellers – or find a Bet9ja shop for sale. You will also need power, TVs and a good internet connection. As a Bet9ja agent, you will receive full technical training, so you will be able to keep the shop running once you are in charge.

Bet9ja shop premises are hugely important. Having the right unit could be the difference between succeeding and failing. You need to think of your potential customers when you are searching for premises. Remember, the number of customers you get to come into your shop and bet, the more commission you will make.

How to Register as a Bet9ja Agent?

The good news is that learning how to become a Bet9ja agent is actually very straightforward. The first step is to fill in the Bet9ja shop register. You will just need to provide some personal details and information about your proposed business. You will also need to pay the Bet9ja registration fee.

Once your details have been looked over, you will be invited for an introductory meeting with Bet9ja. This will be similar to an interview where both sides can go over the details and prepare for your life as a Bet9ja agent.

If everything is satisfactory with your Bet9ja shop register, you will be offered a contract. Once that is signed, you will officially be a Bet9ja agent.

How Much is Bet9ja Commission?

Once you have signed up, paid the Bet9ja registration fee, and been approved as an agent, there are excellent opportunities to make Bet9ja agent commission. This money can come from a number of sources.

Your total commission will depend on the turnover of your shop. You will receive money from every single bet placed. You will also receive a commission for every online and mobile customer registered by your tellers.

This is just one reason why it is important to make sure that you have set up your ship well – and taken note of the requirements we went through earlier. You will see from the commission rates below how small the Bet9ja registration fee now seems.

Your actual commission percentage depends on the amount of bets taken. When you have learned how to become a Bet9ja agent (and completed the registration), make sure that you get a full rundown of the latest rates.

The Bet9ja commission structure is broken down into a number of categories:

  • 20% commission – 26 to 40 selections
  • 18% commission – 21 to 25 selections
  • 16% commission – 14 to 20 selections
  • 14% commission – 11 to 13 selections
  • 12% commission – 9 to 10 selections
  • 7% commission – 6 to 8 selections
  • 6% commission – 4 to 5 selections
  • 5% commission – 3 selections
  • 2% commission – 2 selections
  • 1% commission – 1 selection

How Much is the Bet9ja Agent Registration Fee

We have already mentioned that you will need to pay a registration fee as part of the sign up process. There are other factors involved, but paying the fee is a requirement.

You will need to pay a N 50,000 registration fee. But you should think of that as a way in. Once you become a Bet9ja agent, you will have the opportunity to earn much more than that in commission. Just a note, this is different from the Bet9ja shop register we mentioned earlier.

Part of learning how to become a Bet9ja agent is understanding and dealing with financial issues. So this is very important. Hopefully, this article has helped with explaining Bet9ja agent requirements and has you more prepared to take the next step.

How to Withdraw Money as a Bet9ja Agent?

Once you have started to earn commission as a Bet9ja agent, you will understandably want to withdraw that money as payment. This is a very simple process that can be done through the site accessible to agents.

Here is a step-by-step guide to the withdrawal process.

  1. Log into your admin account and go to the My Account section.
  2. Click on reports and then Sport Racing Deposit.
  3. Enter the time period.
  4. Your total will be presented on screen.
  5. If you are able to withdraw funds, go back to the My Account section.
  6. Then click on withdraw.
  7. You then just need to choose bank transfer and enter your account details.
  8. The money should be transferred within 24 hours.
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