Best Football Betting Sites in Nigeria

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For all those football fans, you will be pleased to know that in Nigeria, there are quite a few top sports betting sites to choose from, each of which has their unique selling points, products and services to offer its patrons.

When it comes to attempting to single out the best football betting site in Nigeria. You will find that there is no right or wrong answer here, it all boils down to what element of football betting is your priority, and then aligning that aspect to the best suited and best bettings sites with those elements in mind.

Below we aim to give you a bit of information about some of the best football betting sites in Nigeria and to better equip you to make the decision that will be most suited to your sports betting and overall football betting needs accordingly.

Best football betting sites in Nigeria

RankFootball Betting SiteBonusBet now
1Bet9ja100% Welcome Bonus + 50% Extra Casino BonusCode: SPORTMAX
21xbet100% match bonus of up to ₦130.000Code: MAXSPORT
3Betway100% deposit match of up to ₦100,000 as a Free Bet.Code: MAXFREE
4Interwetten100% Risk-Free Bet up to ₦200Bet now >>
5OgabetPredict 13 or 15 scores & win up to ₦125,750,000!Bet now >>
622bet100% bonus match offerBet now >>

Top 6 Betting Sites in Nigeria

To best garner which football betting site will be the most aligned to your football betting needs, we have determined to give a short introduction and company breakdown of what each other top football betting sites in Nigeria have to offer their patrons.

  1. Bet9ja β†’ Great Welcome Bonus
  2. 1xbet β†’ High rated football betting site
  3. Betway β†’ Expert-level betting experience
  4. Interwetten β†’ Good user experience
  5. Ogabet β†’ Wide range of markets
  6. 22bet β†’ Good mobile Platform

Ranking & Review of the Best Football Betting Sites

Below we give a brief breakdown of the top pros and most prevalent cons that we can identify for each of the Top football betting sites around.

We also show you a snap-sh\ot view of each of the betting platforms, as well as the best place to access the top-notch betting site, with the click of a button.

1st best football betting site – bet9ja

This is indeed our first pick, in terms of a top-rated football betting site to stop by, for all Nigerians.
We enjoyed the overall responsiveness of the site, as well as the fact that the betting site is available on mobile, via a downloadable app, as well as the fact that there are quite a few promotions on offer for all you football fans.

Football Betting bet9ja

As far as top-notch sports betting, with a focus on football betting goes, you can not expect to find any Best of the list that does not feature Bet9ja as one of the betting options for bettors.

This top-quality betting site is synonymous with great service, fanatics products and innovative features that cater to the football fan exclusively, as well as provide alternative options for those patrons that seek in-play action, live streaming options and a Simulated experience to boot.

This football betting site is indeed a number one go-to spot for all bettors looking to optimize their betting experience from start to finish.

As far as the Welcome Bonus offer goes, here at Bet9ja, you will find a rather lucrative welcome bonus package offering a 100% match bonus up to ₦100 000. A great way to kick-start your player journey indeed!

2nd best football betting site – 1xbet

This, being our 2nd pick of the top-level football betting sites, 1xbet is a tough act to follow.
We liked how the various markets and odds were presented to players and the seamless way in which betting could be accessed once a registered bettor with 1xbet.

Football Betting Site 1xbet

Here we take a closer look at 1xBet, another highly rated football betting site in Nigeria that has been making waves in terms of offering players a good platform to get their betting experiences from.

1xBet is a platform that encourages patrons to stop on by at their leisure, to get a great feel for what best sports betting and football betting moments entail. To get in on the betting good times, you would need to first register to sign up to join the betting site and take up the welcome bonus too.

The Welcome Bonus package comprises 100% match bonus of up to ₦130 000. Another good offer, when considering the superb betting experience in store for all players onsite.

3rd best football betting site – Betway

By far our 3rd choice, as this is indeed a top-rated football betting site here.
We liked how this operator had all the whistles and blows in terms of all that is needed for an expert-level betting experience.

Betway Football Betting

Join us as we dig a tad bit deeper into the offerings all bettors can expect when they make Betway their number one destination for football betting. At Betway, you can be assured that there are only great moments awaiting your next football wager, at one of the best betting sites around.

As soon as you become a registered Betway community member, you will be pleased to see that the Welcome Bonus offer of 50% up to ₦20,000 is yours for the uptake. Simply opt in for the offer, and you will be able to access this great sign up offer and so much more.

As part of the Betway experience, bettors that are part of the Betway betting community will be able to enjoy live streaming, great football betting offers and promotions, a VIP programme, 24-hour customer care and even more than that. Stop by the platform today and see what there is in store for you.

4th best football betting site – Interwetten

Our 4th top pick will have to be Interwetten. This is not a fly-by-night kind of operator neither.
We enjoyed the fact that the overall look and feel of the betting site is sleek and crisp, giving a good way to ensure premium betting overall.

Interwetten Football Betting

By opting for Interwetten as your go-to betting site for all things football betting and more, you will be choosing a top-level betting site indeed.

The reason why Interwetten has made it on our top football betting sites in Nigeria is that any patron to Interwetten is met with a superb product offering, great football betting tips, a stable way to enjoy football betting and a Customer Care team that is available to all its customers 24 hours a day.

When you join Interwetten, you will no doubt be ready to take up the Welcome Bonus offer. So, what is the bonus deal you may wonder?

By successfully registering to become part of the Interwetten betting site, you will be able to redeem the following;

  • 100% Risk-Free Bet up to ₦200

Of course, there will be Terms and Conditions associated with this Welcome Bonus offer, as well as perhaps wagering restrictions. You will need to be sure of the various T&Cs associated with this bonus offer, and others, before opting in to redeem it.

Apart from this great welcome bonus offer, there will also be many more promotions to take up, great products and services, as well as a good many opportunities to get your best football betting in, pronto.

5th best football betting site – Ogabet

Our 5th top-level operator is Ogabet, another top-notch Nigerian betting site.
We enjoy the fact that Ogabet is responsive and offers a wealth of markets, competitive odds and so much more. This is indeed a great betting site to get involved with, great betting guaranteed.

Ogabet Football Betting

Are you seeking high-end football betting while being able to bet anywhere, on the move? Then Ogabet is your go-to, for sure! For all Nigerians seeking a great betting site to place their football wagers on, you can easily stop by Ogabet online, download their mobile app or simply access the platform via your favourite web browser online.

When you decide to join the Ogabet player community, you will find a rather fantastic Welcome Bonus offer, for you to take up upon your first successful deposit made. You can enjoy a 100% Match Deposit bonus offer with your successful registration.

As a member of the Ogabet betting site community, you will see that you have access to top-notch football betting, great markets, superb live streaming and in-play options and so much more.

Your best bet for the best betting site would be to stop by and check it out for yourself.

6th best football betting site – 22bet

Our last pick, making its way to number 6 on our list is 22bet.
We like the way that this site seems to be geared toward the mobile player, however, it does not bode well in terms of players looking to play on their desktop.

22betFootball Betting

Looking at the 22bet as an option for one of the top-notch online football betting sites, we can see that this is a great betting site to get involved with. By signing up to join 22bet, patrons are offered a great welcome bonus off too.

Here, you will receive a 100% match bonus offer. This is indeed a great way to get in on that action from the get-go.

All in All, 22Bet offers you a great opportunity to get your sports betting mode on while keeping you abreast of the best betting action throughout. You cannot go wrong with opting for 22Bet as a way forward when it comes to your betting experience and how to optimise the overall time spent.

How we make our ranking

The above list of top football betting sites has made it onto our list by way of passing out a stringent vetting process.

We take a look at various, non-negotiable, criteria when we deceive that a football betting site is a top-rated operator and that it should be considered by you, our reader.

Criteria that these betting operators need to offer their patrons include, but are certainly not limited to the following;

  • Markets offered are varied and wide
  • Odds to be competitive and up-to-date
  • Bonuses to be updated, with relevant and fair T&Cs
  • Safety and Security to be a priority
  • Varied options for Payment gateways
  • Relatively efficient withdrawals process
  • Promotions that are exciting and current
  • Customer Care that is readily available to patrons
  • Overall site experience that is responsive and easy-to-navigate around

Best Football events to bet on

As a football betting fan, you would want to know that your chosen betting operator will have on offer for betting your favourite football events and leagues accordingly.

The top football events you would no doubt want to bet on could be any of the below;

Premier League

This league, also known as The Premiership, is a top favourite for United Kingdom football. This league runs from August to May each year and sees clubs across the UK taking part. Throughout the years, there have been as many as 40 football clubs taking part in the league, each playing a total of as many as 38 matches per team. The amazing fact here is that in all these years, with all these teams taking part, only a total of FOUR teams have managed to place as the Premiership winners throughout these top teams are: Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Blackburn Rovers. Currently, Manchester United hold the title as The Premiership champions.

Africa Cup of Nations

This is the gem of African football. The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has confirmed that the next Africa Cup of Nations (also referred to as the AFCON, or more officially as CON (Coupe d’Afrique des Nations) will take place on January 9 – February 6 2022. The current reigning champions of this tournament are Algeria, who won against Senegal a 1-0 victory in 2019.

FIFA World Cup

This event could be considered the most prestigious soccer event in the world. The FIFA World Cup takes place every four years, and 32 teams go head to head for the title of the World Cup champion. The current reigning champions are France, and the team that has won the most number of times happens to be Brazil. The last FIFA World Cup was held in 2018, which means the next one will be held in 2022.

UEFA Champions League

This competition is held annually and is handled by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). The premise of this league is to pit the top-rated football teams against each other. The top-division football teams are put through a round-robin group stage to qualify for a double-legged knock-out feature, to then qualify for the single-leg final. The winners of this prestigious league, also known as the UCL, will no doubt be acclaimed as the holders of the European Champion Clubs’ Cup!

Copa America

The 20212 Copa America league was the 47th edition of this league. The competition was held in Brazil, the previous victors, having won the title in 2019, and this year were beaten 1-0 by Argentina in the final match. The event is officiated by the South American football ruling body, namely CONMEBOL. It is the x10 football clubs that form this association that usually take part in the Copa America, however, this year and 2019 saw 2 additional teams being invited to take part, namely Australia and Qatar.

UEFA Europa League

This league is also held annually and is the second-tier league organised by the UEFA ruling body. This league sees a preliminary round, followed by qualifying rounds, and then the semi-finals, which is followed by the ending final round accordingly. Although this league is regarded as the second-tier championship, it by no means offers up secdon0rate entertainment, you will find top-notch football moments played in this league as well.

How to choose a football betting site?

Now that we’ve made it somewhat easier for you to decide on which football betting site to choose to get your betting on with, by providing you with a rather succinct list of our top-level football betting sites in Nigeria, you will be wanting to know how to drill that list even further and be sure to make the correct decision for you and your betting.

We advise you to take the following elements into consideration, and do some research as to what the betting site you are considering offers in terms of the following aspects;

  • Safety and security (is there SSL encrypted technology utilised in terms of the baking pages specifically)
  • Markets and Odds (are they offering a wide list of markets at competitive odds?)
  • Bonuses and deals (do you have options to enjoy some great bonuses and promotions?)
  • VIP programme or Club (will there be incentives to join the player groups in terms of exclusive offers and more?)
  • Customer Service (will you be made to feel that you are a top priority to the operator?)

You will, of course, also have your most preferred elements that will need to be adhered to by the operator to ensure they receive your business. So, be sure to do your due diligence, before you opt to sign up and register for any given football betting site, and ensure that you do not forego on important services and products along the way.

How to bet on a football betting site?

Once you have decided which of the top listed football betting sites in Nigeria you would like to make your stomping ground for betting, you will then need to know how to go about placing those football bets on the site in question.

Below are some easy-to-follow, and quite generic steps on how to place a bet on a top-notch betting site accordingly.

Steps to placing a bet on a football betting site;

  • Step 1: Register to join the Betting community at your preferred betting operator
  • Step 2: Provide all the vetting documentation and follow the processes needed for verification of age, banking etc, as per the registration process for the betting operator chosen.
  • Step 3: Log in to your newly created betting account
  • Step 4: Select β€˜Football’ from the Sports market offerings giving as options for you, the patron
  • Step 5: Select the football event you would like to place a wager on
  • Step 6: Fill in the betting slip, as per the prompts provided by the betting operator
  • Step 7: Wait to see if you have won your stake

And just like that, you will have managed to successfully place your first wager on your first football event, on your newly registered football betting site preference.

Which of these Top Listed Football betting sites offer Live Bet?

Of these top listed football betting sites, we are pleased to bring you the specifications of which offer their patrons the option of enjoying a live bet.

Check below, and take a look at the screenshot included, so that you are aware of what the Live Bet option for each operator actually should look like.

1. Bet9ja Live Betting

Bet9ja Live Betting

2. 1xbet Live Betting

1xbet Live Betting

3. 22Bet Live Betting

22Bet Live Betting

4. Ogabet Live Betting

Ogabet Live Betting

5. Betway Live Betting

Betway Live Betting

6. Interwetten Live Betting

Interwetten Live Betting conclusion

All in all, we are happy to see that when it comes to football betting in Nigeria, there are quite a few options available to you. You do not need to search high and low either, to find that top-level entertainment in the way of betting options, as these betting operators that we have taken a closer look at above do a great job in offering their patrons exactly what would be expected from high-end operators indeed.

We were pleasantly surprised to see that each of these top football betting sites offered a range of products, services and unique promotions that would rival just about any betting operator across the world wide web.

All you need to do now is decide which of the above top-listed football betting site will best suit your football betting needs, from start to finish, Admittingly, this will be a tough decision to make, but in our view, we would rather be spoiled for choice than not have very many options at all.