World Cup Match Predictions: Uruguay vs South Korea

Uruguay starts out this World Cup with a match against South Korea. This encounter is set to be lively. Uruguay mustn’t waste time if they’re looking to quickly secure their place in the knockout stages.

βœ” 1×2 Prediction: Uruguay vs South Korea

The encounter between these two teams promises to be open and enthralling. Uruguay starts out the match as comfortable favourites. We foresee the South Americans taking the victory by a two-goal margin.

βœ” Exact Score Prediction: Uruguay vs South Korea

In this exciting World Cup 2022 match, our prediction of the exact score will be a match dominated by Uruguay, who could take the win with a comfortable lead in this matchup.

Victory for Uruguay

This is the most likely scenario. The Uruguayan players are comfortable favourites in this match, and if the team comes out strong from the get-go, it will be difficult for the South Koreans to respond to the pressure of the South Americans. We foresee a score of 2-0 or 2-1.


This outcome is possible. In their first match of the competition, Uruguay could well score against the Korean defence, who we imagine will hold off the opponents for as long as possible. A draw with goals should not be ruled out, 1-1 or 2-2.

Victory for South Korea

It is, at the moment, difficult to imagine this outcome. South Korea seem inferior to their adversaries but Uruguay must be careful because it must be remembered that in 2018, the Koreans surprised everyone by beating Germany, who were well on their way to confirming their place in the round of 16. 0-1 or 1-2 would be enough, in this case.

βœ” Half-time/Full-time prediction: Uruguay 1st half; Uruguay 2nd half

In this match, Uruguay could score quickly to make the encounter somewhat easier before waiting for the second half to put themselves comfortably ahead. The Koreans will have nothing to lose and may well give the Uruguayans a hard time.

βœ” Scorer Predictions: Uruguay vs South Korea

In this matchup, star player Edinson Cavani might turn out to be effective, just like his teammate Federico Valverde. On the opposite side, Heung-Min Son is, of course, in the best position to make a difference for his team.

βœ” Double Chance Scoring predictions: E. Cavani / H. Son

This match could allow some of the stars to shine. That’s to say, as we suggested above, this could be an opportunity for Edinson Cavani and Heung-Min Son to score. Thus, we offer you this double chance scoring prediction.

πŸ“„ Match Analysis: Uruguay vs South Korea

Pre-bet Analysis

Uruguay hasn’t faltered. In the South American zone, the Uruguayans finished third, long behind Brazil and Argentina, and are contesting their fourth consecutive World Cup. The teammates of Diego Godin will try to go as far as possible in Qatar.

The South Koreans finished top of their group in the second round with five victories and one draw, having faced Lebanon, Turkmenistan and Sri Lanka. In the third round, Korea finished second, two points behind Iran but comfortably ahead of the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon.

Three consecutive wins for Uruguay? The two nations have already faced off twice in World Cup settings. In 1990, in the group stage, the South Americans prevailed (1-0), and then in the round of 16 in 2010, the Uruguayans took the win again with a score of 2 goals to 1.

Team Form

Uruguay has an inconsistent track record. The South-American team have, in fact, won six of their last thirteen matches, with five defeats and two draws. They will need to be more consistent in the World Cup if they hope to have a good run, as they did in 2010 (semi-finalists) and 2018 (quarter-finalists).

South Korea are feeling confident. With four defeats in their last 16 matches, South Korea are on form, having won 10 of those matches. There were no big names in those matches, but it has given the South Koreans hope for this World Cup.