World Cup Match Predictions: Netherlands vs Qatar

An uneven encounter on paper between a dark horse in contention for the title, the Netherlands, and the host nation, Qatar, in the last of the group matches of this World Cup.

โœ” 1×2 Predictions: Netherlands vs Qatar

This matchup appears undecided. The Netherlands are firm favourites but if they have already secured their qualification, the substitutes could get their chance. We foresee a one-sided victory for the Netherlands in this match.

โœ” Exact Score Predictions: Netherlands vs Qatar

In this type of match, predicting the exact score is no easy feat. We have concocted a list of possible outcomes depending on how the match goes. Itโ€™s a match that is undecided and promises to be enthralling, despite the fact that the Netherlands are the favourites in this encounter.

Victory for the Netherlands

This is the most likely outcome, and the one that we favour. The Netherlands are on a considerably higher level than their adversaries and if they perform at their level, they should logically prevail in this match which appears very uneven on paper. 3-0 or 2-0 are the most likely results here.


In this group, despite everything, anything is possible. We are talking about a World Cup, and we mustnโ€™t write off anyone. As such, a draw is very much possible between these two nations. Whatโ€™s more, the Netherlands may well have secured their qualification, and thus might switch up their team. 2-2 or 1-1 may be possible.

Victory for Qatar

This seems an unlikely outcome. Qatar are not starting out as favourites, but they wonโ€™t be feeling any pressure against the Netherlands who have far more to lose. That could be a factor that works in favour of a Qatari victory, which, against all odds, would be an amazing feat. Even a 0-1 or 1-2 victory is difficult to foresee.

โœ” Half-time/Full-time predictions: Netherlands 1st half; Netherlands 2nd half

In this match, we can see the Netherlands quickly taking control of the match and finding the back of the net to put themselves in the lead by the halfway point. Then, the Netherlands should be able to manage their lead until the end of the match.

โœ” Scorer Predictions: Netherlands vs Qatar

This matchup could allow those playing for big European clubs to shine. As such, Wout Weghorst and Steven Bergwijn could make the difference in this match. On the Qatari side, Akram Afif could end up being the deciding factor, even if we donโ€™t expect Qatar to score.

โœ” Double Chance Scoring predictions: W. Weghorst / S. Bergwijn

As mentioned above, Wout Weghorst et Steven Bergwijn will certainly be on the team and have a good chance of scoring in this match that promises to be enthralling. The two players, who have had experience in big international competitions, could shine in this match.

๐Ÿ“„ Match Analysis: Netherlands vs Qatar

Pre-bet Analysis

The Netherlands have held steady. In a fairly standard qualification group, the Dutch finished on top, two points ahead of Turkey and five points ahead of Norway. Montenegro, Latvia and Gibraltar finished much further behind.

Qatar qualified without playing a single game. The tradition goes on. The host nation of the 22nd World Cup, Qatar automatically qualified for the World cup, which will take place on their home turf. Thus, they are the only country who had nothing to worry about, whatever the situation.

Team Form

The Netherlands are unbeaten since the Euro. Since their setback in the round of 16 of the Euro against the Czech Republic, Louis Van Gaalโ€™s players havenโ€™t seen defeat, winning six matches and conceding four draws.

Qatar is not very confident. Having only played in friendlies, the Qatari team is not very reassured just a few months out from its own World Cup. With only one win in their last nine matches, against Bulgaria in March (2-1), they will have to put on more of a display in their upcoming outings if they hope to be happy with themselves by the end of the year.