World Cup Match Predictions: Mexico vs. Poland

For their first match of the Qatar World Cup, Mexico and Poland face off in a match which is too close to call. Placed in the same group as Argentina, which of these two sides will succeed in getting past the group stage?

✔ 1X2 Prediction: Mexico vs Poland

This match is open and undecided. Both teams are capable of putting on beautiful footballing displays. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top in this matchup. We foresee a close draw with goals on both sides.

✔ Exact Score Prediction: Mexico vs Poland

In matchups like this, predicting the exact score is no easy feat. We have prepared for you a series of results depending on how the match plays out. This is a face-off which is set to be close, as many bookmakers are indicating.

Victory for Mexico

Mexico will be looking to make a strong start in this World Cup. However, there isn’t a huge margin between these two teams. If Jimenez’s side can impose themselves, they should manage to take the match by a one-goal margin over Poland, either 1-0 or 2-1.


In this matchup, neither of the teams stands out as the real favourite. Both teams seem very closely matched. As such, we can see the two sides taking away 1 point each here, and we even think this is the most likely result with so little separating these two teams. 1-1 and 2-2 seem to be the most likely outcomes.

Victory for Poland

With Robert Lewandowski in top form, Poland has every chance in this match. But faced with solid opposition, it won’t be an easy task. That’s why we think, as we said earlier, that if Poland wins, it will only be by a single goal, 0-1 or 1-2.

✔ Half-time/Full-time prediction: Draw 1st half; Draw 2nd half

This matchup is set to be a close one. None of the predicted outcomes stands out particularly. That’s why anything is possible; either side could end up having the advantage. With this in mind, we predict a draw without goals by half-time, before the match is settled after the break. So we can see multiple goals being scored, but nothing separating the two sides in the end.

✔ Scorer Predictions: Mexico vs Poland

On the Mexican side, Raúl Jiménez might be able to find the net in an even match. The Wolverhampton striker might be followed by his teammate Jesús Corona. For Poland, it is Robert Lewandowski who we put at the top of the list of players who might be able to score.

✔ Double Chance Scoring predictions: Raúl Jiménez/Robert Lewandowski

As mentioned above, Raúl Jiménez and Robert Lewandowski will certainly be on their respective squads and have a good chance of scoring in this match which is set to be enthralling. The two stars, who both have experience in some of the biggest international competitions, could shine in this match.

📄 Match Analysis: Mexico vs Poland

Analysis before betting

The Mexican team is calm. After coming in second in the CONCACAF zone on par with Canada, but worse off on goal difference (despite having the same number of wins, draws and losses), Mexico did not stumble on its way to securing its place in the final phase of the Cup at Qatar.

Poland is profiting from a stroke of bad luck. It finished second in its qualifying group for the World Cup behind England but in front of Albania, Hungary, Andorra and Saint-Martin. Poland was set to face Russia in a two-leg match, but with the latter’s disqualification following the situation in Ukraine, the teammates of Robert Lewandowski qualified directly for the final, where they beat Sweden.

A second World Cup face-off. The two sides already faced off during the group stage of the 1978 World Cup. Poland managed to bring it home with a 3-1 win. Mexico will be out for revenge in the 2022 rematch.

Team Form

Mexico will be difficult to overcome. Unbeaten in six matches, the Mexicans nevertheless suffered three consecutive defeats in the Autumn, two of which came against Canada and the United States. This, however, did not prevent the 9th team in FIFA’s classification from qualifying.

Poland is gaining confidence. With just one defeat in six matches, the side managed by Czeslaw Michniewicz has plenty of momentum leading up to the preparations for the 2022 World Cup. With a draw against England and a victory against Sweden, the Polish side has shown that they are difficult to beat.