Group B Predictions, who will finish on top?

In this homogeneous group, everything seems possible between England, the United States, Iran and Wales. Though one team stands out from the others, the other three seem to have an equal chance of qualifying for the Round of 16. It is thus difficult to imagine a group physiognomy.

Finalists of the Euro, the Three Lions should logically dominate the group. Behind them, everything seems undecided. To have a better overview, find out what we predict for this group.

2022 World Cup Group B Favourites and Outsiders

With a very strong squad in all positions, England are one of the favourites to win the tournament in Qatar. The Three Lions theoretically possess a collective form that is too strong for the other three teams in the group.

Behind them, the three nations in this group should fight hard for the second qualifying place for the knockout phase. However, the Welsh have not participated in the World Cup since 1958.

Group B Predictions – Favourites

One team stands out from the others in this group. If they are at their normal level, it should be enough to finish on top:

  • England: Unsurprisingly, the English are awaited in this group. With many weapons, both defensively and offensively, at the disposal of coach Gareth Southgate the Three Lions should, if they enter the competition in the best possible shape, dominate their three other opponents quite easily, even if a nice “derby” against Wales awaits them at the end of the year.

Group B Predictions – Outsiders

This is a tricky group to predict! The following three teams seem to be very close and none of them seems guaranteed to outperform their other competitors:

  • USA: With a satisfactory qualifying phase, the nation led by attacking leader Christian Pulisic has plenty to be a troublemaker in this World Cup.
  • Iran: This nation is considered one of the best in the Asian continent. They have shown in previous editions that they are difficult to handle.
  • Wales: Gareth Bale’s Welsh team has great ambitions in this World Cup and will try to reach the quarter-finals, the best result of Wales in its history (in 1958).