Betika registration – How to register on Betika?

The first step to take on the bookmaker’s website is to complete Betika’s registration process. The process is relatively straightforward and requires only your phone number and a strong password. This article will examine the Betika registration process and how to complete it.

Before we go ahead, it is essential to note that there is only one channel for registration on Betika, which is via the Betika website. There is no Betika cashout registration, SMS or USSD registration.

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How to register on Betika – Step by Step

There are several channels you can use to complete the Betika registration process. There is via the desktop site, then the full mobile or the mobile lite site. Below, we will give a general guide on completing the Betika registration online process.

Go to the Betika website

Type the Betika URL in your browser, either on your mobile phone or desktop computer. Ensure that you are on the page for the Nigerian version of the Betika website. Once you are on the website, click the ‘Register’ button at the top-left corner of the homepage to reveal the registration form.

Enter your phone number

Enter your registered phone number in the space provided on the registration form.

Betika Registration Phone Number

Create a strong password

The next step is to create a strong password that will be hard to guess. The bookmaker doesn’t have any special password requirements, but you can ensure that your password contains letters, numbers and special characters. You must enter the password again and click the ‘Register’ button to confirm it.

Complete the verification process

Once you complete the first step; you will receive an SMS containing the verification code to your phone number from the bookmaker. Enter this code in the space provided and click the ‘Verify and Log In’ button to finalise the registration.

Betika promotional code for registration

There is no available Betika promo code because of the lack of a welcome bonus from the bookmaker. We believe the bookmaker will soon offer a welcome bonus or other bonuses. However, the bookmaker has presented a jackpot bonus which can be helpful for new bettors.

How to claim the Betika registration bonus

As mentioned, there is no special registration bonus for new bettors. You can only get the jackpot bonus offers after registration. To do that, you need to deposit a minimum of N50 after registration and then go to the jackpot section and choose the jackpot you want to play for. For example, there is the jackpot bonus of N100,000. We analyse the jackpot offer below.

Daily jackpot

The common jackpot offered on Betika is the daily jackpot. In the daily jackpot, the prize is N100,000, and you must get the correct score predictions for eight football matches. To play this jackpot, you must stake your predictions with N50.

Betika mobile registration

The central channel to complete the Betika registration process is the mobile site. As of the time of writing, there was no mobile app available for bettors, so there is yet to be a Betika app registration process. Hopefully, the bookmaker will develop the app soon.

However, in the absence of the mobile app, there is the responsive mobile site and the mobile lite site, and you can use either of them to complete the registration process. Below are the steps to complete the Betika registration on mobile.

  1. Head to the bookmaker’s website on your mobile device.
  2. Click the registration button at the top of the page.
  3. Enter your phone number and a strong password to protect your account.
    Betika Registration Mobile
  4. Click on enter.
  5. Enter the verification code the bookmaker sends to your mobile number by SMS.
    Betika Registration Verification
  6. Click on the ‘Register’ button to complete the registration process.

Betika registration via phone number

Your phone number is the primary detail the bookmaker requests when you have to complete the registration process. Follow the steps below to complete the Betika registration online via your phone number.

  1. Visit the Betika website and click the ‘Register’ button.
  2. Enter your phone number in the space provided.
  3. Create a strong password, and enter it again to confirm it.
  4. Click the ‘Register’ button to request the Betika registration code.
  5. The bookmaker will send the code to your mobile number, and you need to enter it in the space provided on the registration form.
  6. Click on the confirm button to complete the registration process.

Betika registration on desktop

You can register your Betika account on your desktop. The site’s desktop version is optimised and functions almost like the mobile site, with controls for the light or dark version of the website. Bettors who prefer to bet on the desktop will find it easy to use the Betika desktop version. Follow the steps to register your account on the desktop site of the bookmaker.

Visit the website

Open the Betika homepage on your desktop and click the ‘Register’ button at the top of the page.

Betika Registration Desktop

Enter the required details

In the registration form, enter the necessary details, which include your phone number and a strong password. Enter the password again to confirm it.

Enter the verification code

You will receive a Betika registration code by SMS on the mobile number you entered. Input the code into the space for it on the registration form. Click the ‘Verify and Log In’ button to complete the process.

Betika registration with Airtel

There is no special Betika registration with Airtel. So if you have an Airtel number, you won’t need to undergo any unique registration process but the same as we have listed above.

Create an account on Betika – Terms and conditions

To complete the account creation process on Betika in Nigeria, you need to abide by the terms and conditions of the bookmaker. We have listed some of the terms and conditions for the Betika Nigeria registration below.

  1. You must be of legal gambling age, i.e. 18 years and above. The bookmaker will verify this by asking for a valid ID that has your date of birth.
  2. You can only operate one account. So if you have used any of your details to register or verify another Betika account, you won’t be allowed to open another one. And if the bookmaker discovers multiple accounts from one individual, the accounts will be closed.
  3. You must enter some personal information during the registration process, including your phone number and password, to secure your account.
  4. Every information you enter while completing the registration process must be accurate and up-to-date. You must also inform the customer care team of any change in your contact or bank information when necessary. You must also agree to the verification process to keep your accounts safe.
  5. You cannot operate another person’s account. The bookmaker does not allow third-party activities on accounts.
  6. You must keep your login details in a safe place. If someone uses your login details to enter your account, the bookmaker will not be liable for any changes made to your account. And if you suspect a third party has access to your account, you must contact the customer care team of the bookmaker.
  7. The bookmaker reserves the right to close your account after six months of inactivity. Inactivity means no deposits, withdrawals or bets have been placed within six months. If the bookmaker closes your account, any outstanding balance will be paid to you, less any costs accruing to closing the account.

Verify your account on Betika

There are two steps of verification on Betika. The first verification happens as your try to get your Betika registration account. You will be required to enter the code sent to your account. This is to verify that you are the owner of the number you want to register with.

The second verification happens when you want to withdraw or the bookmaker suspects any irregularities in your account. You will be required to submit some documents to verify your identity. Some documents you will be asked to submit are a certified ID, proof of address, passport, or bank statements. The bookmaker will ask for your permission to conduct the checks for this second verification process.

Why do I have issues with my Betika registration?

Unlike most other bookmakers, Betika doesn’t require you to enter so many details to register your account. You can get a Betika registration account with a valid phone number and any strong password you can create. But you can experience some minor issues when completing the Betika Nigeria registration process. We list some of the problems you can encounter below and how to solve them.

Delay in receiving the verification code

The verification code is essential to complete the registration process, and the bookmaker sends the code through SMS. If the mobile network in your phone or area is not strong enough, there may be a delay in getting the verification code. You can restart your mobile device or simply move to an area with a better network coverage.

Not receiving the verification code

If you activated the Do-Not-Disturb (DND) feature on your mobile number, you might not be able to receive the code at all. You can deactivate this feature by contacting your mobile network and asking them to deactivate it.

Slow Internet connection

Before completing the Betika registration, you need to be connected to the internet. If the internet speed in your area is slow, you can still complete the Betika registration; however, it will take more time. The only solution to that is to get a better internet connection.

Completing the registration using an unregistered phone number

Due to the regulation from the authorities, you are required to register your phone number and link it to your national identity number (NIN). To avoid any issues while registering, ensure you register your account with a registered phone number connected to your NIN.

Trying to register with an already registered number

You cannot register more than one account. So if the number you want to open an account with is already registered on Betika, the bookmaker will cancel the registration. To solve this problem, use a new number to complete the registration process or contact the customer care team of the bookmaker.

Can I change my account details after registering on Betika?

The primary information you register with is your phone number. However, after registration, you will be required to enter other important information like your bank account details for payments and withdrawals, address, and name. You are expected to enter the accurate information for each field in your account section.

If you change any of your personal details, you are required by the terms and conditions of the bookmaker to contact them and inform them of the changes so that they can change it on their records. You can contact the customer support team on Betika via email ([email protected]) or by calling their phone number (019077000) to communicate these changes.

Even though Betika is an international bookmaker, they are duly registered in Nigeria. The bookmaker is registered as Shade International Gaming Limited, and they are licensed to operate a sports betting site with the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC). This license from the control licensing board of Nigeria bookmakers means that Betika is required under law to provide an excellent service, and you can be sure that the odds are fair.

The bookmaker also operates in other African countries but has different websites for different countries. The good thing about this feature is that you can switch between the three available countries.

Betika Registration Frequently Asked Questions

As we conclude our thoughts on the Betika registration process, we answer some common questions about the process. If you have any additional questions, you can contact the customer support unit of the bookmaker.

How do I register for Betika in Nigeria?

To register for Betika in Nigeria, you must first visit the website on your browser on mobile or desktop. Then you need to click the ‘Register’ button and enter your phone number and a strong password. The bookmaker will send a code to your mobile number. Enter the verification code to complete the registration process.

How much is the Betika registration fee?

Registration on Betika is free; you are not required to pay any registration fee. However, to continue using your account, you need to deposit into your account.

How do I register for Betika via SMS?

There is no other registration process apart from entering your details online. You can’t register via SMS on Betika; however, the bookmaker will send you a verification code by SMS.

Can I sign up on Betika on my phone?

Yes, you can sign up for Betika on your phone via the mobile site. There is no mobile app, so you can’t complete the Betika app registration process. 

Is there a Betika registration bonus?

Currently, there is no Betika registration bonus.

How long does the verification process take?

The verification process doesn’t take time and only requires some minutes for the bookmaker to verify your phone number. The bookmaker can also require verification of your account details when you want to withdraw.